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Who tells the Diesel Exhaust Brake to work?


You do! And the way you do it is just as "slick."In the illustration above notice the electronic control module (ECM) with the on-offswitch and the three lights. This ECM is really a mini-computer and radio receivercombined. With the ignition on and the ECM on, the green light tells you the brakeis armed and ready to use.

Push a button, get a brake

With the first sign of "down-hill terror,"just push the red button on the small remote and the ECM triggers the exhaust brakeon to help the vehicles brakes... Push it again to turn it off.

If the down grade requires accelerating in somesections, you may choose to leave the brake on and the D-Feat pad on the acceleratorpedal will turn it off temporarily. That's right. Push the pedal it's off... liftyour foot, it's back on. When you get to the bottom, just push the red button onthe remote and make sure the red light is off.

Electronic control module can be mounted in severalplaces. We prefer upper left dash location or under lip of the same. Remote buttonshown on door panel or left spoke of steering wheel.

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