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Ford Parts illustration Manual Transmission Print E-mail

Ford Manual Transmission Parts Illustrations

  Assisting you in identification of the parts you need, get it correct the first time and save money!
Quality parts guaranteed! OE Replacements.


Information is provided on the following Ford manual transmissions: M5TXA, RAT, RUG, RAN, T10, SR4, HEH, Srod, RTS, T5,T45, RKE, T98, T18, T19, FM145, FM146, M5R1, M5R2, Toyo Koyo, ZF S542 and ZFS547.
Find you vehicle transmission model in the following list, select drawing and you will see details of transmission assembly: 







MTX 4 speed FWD 4 speed Drawing   RKE RKE Thunderbird 5 speed Drawing
MTX 5 speed FWD 5 speed Drawing   T56 BW T56 6 speed Drawing
MTX 75 Contour, Mystique FWD Drawing   T98 BW T98 4 speed Drawing
M5TXA FWD (BK210 type) Drawing   T18 BW T18 4 speed Drawing
TR5 FWD (BK211 type) Drawing   T19 BW T19 4 speed Drawing
M5TX FWD (BK277 type) Drawing   NP435 NP435 4 speed Drawing
PR5 FWD (BK303 type) Drawing   TK4 Toyo Koyo 4 speed Drawing
Rat, Ran Tremec 3 Speed  Call   TK5 Toyo Koyo 5 speed Drawing
T10 BW T10 4 speed Drawing   FM145 FM145 Mitsubishi 4wd 5 speed Drawing
SR4 SR4, RAD 4 speed Drawing   FM146 FM146 Mitsubishi 4wd 5 speed Drawing
HEH HEH Top Loader 4 speed  Call   M5R1 M5R1, Mazda design 5 speed Drawing
SROD SROD 3 speed O/D Drawing   M5R2 M5R2, Mazda design 5 speed Drawing
RUG 3 speed O/D RUG 3 speed O/D Drawing   ZF S542 ZF S542, ZF S547 5 speed Drawing
RTS RTS 3 speed O/D Drawing   NP540, 1, 2 Series 5 speed NP540, 1, 2 Series 5 speed  
T5 T5 non World Class Drawing   Clark Series Clark Series 5 speed Drawing
T5 T5 World Class Drawing        
T45 BW T45 5 speed Drawing        



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