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Toyota illustration Manual Transmission Print E-mail
Quality parts guaranteed! OE Replacements.
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Toyota manual transmission use in Camry, Celica, Corolla, Supra, MR2, Tercel, Land Cruiser and Toyota Pick up Trucks are covered in this section. Find you vehicle transmission model in the following list:






S51/S52 83 on Camry 5 speed 4 cylinder Drawing R154 85-93 Supra 5 speed Turbo Drawing
E52 88 on Camry 5 speed 6 cylinder Drawing C52 83 on MR2 5 speed Drawing
E56 88 on Camry 5 speed 4 wd Drawing E153 87 on MR2 5 speed Turbo Drawing
W50 72-88 Celica 4, 5 Speed Drawing Z54 78-86 Tercel 4, 5, 6 Speed Drawing
W55 81-84 Celica 5 Speed Drawing C150 86 on Tercel 4, 5, 6 Speed Drawing
S53/S54 85 on Celica 5 Speed Drawing J30 Land Cruiser 3 Speed Drawing
E50 86 on Celica 5 speed 4 wd Drawing H41/H42 Land Cruiser 4 Speed Drawing
T50 70-86 Corolla 5 speed Drawing L52 80-83 L52 Truck 5 Speed Drawing
C51 83 on Corolla 5 speed Drawing G52, G58 84 on G52 Truck 5 Speed Drawing
W50 79-81 Supra 5 speed Drawing W56 84 on W56 Truck 5 Speed Drawing
W58 82- on Supra 5 speed Drawing R151, R150 84 on R151 5 Speed Drawing

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