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Ford PowerStroke improve performance - Power Chip Print E-mail

fordtruck_gaschip_large.jpgImprove performance Add 70 to 80 More Horsepower

Outrageous acceleration! Out performs other chips on the market, do not settle for one size fits all.  Our Ford chips are different for several very good reasons! First of all, we have the only chip that offers engineering from Fords original program configuration; by reprogramming all four banks of memory, the Dyno Sources chip is not affected by a dealer “reflashing” the PCM. Second, by designing the chip to fit internally, this eliminates any hassles of the chip losing contact, causing the vehicle to die or surge.

1994-2003 7.3L Ford Pickup Truck

Powerstroke: add 71 horsepower, plus 162 ft lbs torque, enhanced shift-kit programmed in the chip, better throttle response and improved fuel economy. Please locate your box code (located on your computer) before ordering this chip.(Gauges are not necessary on standard tow and race programs; up to 15,000 lbs).

* Improves Acceleration

* Improves Economy

* Increases Horsepower

* Additional Hill climbing Capability



1994-2003 Ford Pickup Truck

Switch chip: Change horsepower settings on the fly! Our innovative toggle switch installs in the cab, allowing driver to flip between “tow”, “race”, or “extreme” settings! Switching from performance program to “off”, or “off” to performance program will only work while the ignition is off. Please locate your box code (located on your computer) before ordering this chip.

* Ford Diesel Switch Chip features:
* Three position toggle switch
*Greater passing power
* Valet "chip off" position
*7.3L or 6.0L models

Improved shifting on 7.3L Automatic Transmissions


1994 to 1998 71 Horsepower 140 ft#s torque your cost $339.99

1999 to 2003 80 Horsepower 162 ft#'s torque your cost $349.99

Chip mounts internally in computer module replacement plug is provide to secure installation, no more intermittent performance.


1994 to 1998 70 or 90 Horsepower 140 ft#s torque $499.49

1999 to 2003 Stock, 70, 100 or 150 Horspower 162 ft#'s torque $545.00

Extreme horse power chip for off-road only in California!

Ford Power Evolution Programmer 1998 to 2003 7.3lt diesel
  Ford Power Raptor 2003 to 2005 6.0lt diesel
  Our performance modules are designed to be a non-intrusive, easily reversible means of increasing the performance of Ford and International vehicles utilizing the Navistar 7.3L Diesel engine in combination with a manual transmission or either the Ford 4R100 or Allison automatic transmission. This is accomplished by plugging our module on to the service port of the Ford EEC-V PCM (Powertrain Control Module), thereby overriding the factory tuning. Performance benefits are immediately realized in the form of improved throttle response and increased power. Long-term benefits include improved fuel economy and improved automatic transmission service life.

Extensive research and dyno testing as well as customer response have show there to be little or no negative benefit from the use of such enhancements to the performance, and the initial costs are far outweighed by the benefits gained by utilization of our module.

How is it Possible?

While our modules are designed and calibrated to increase performance, the improved tuning generally results in improved economy, this is due in large part to the inherent calibration design. It all starts at the vehicle factory. Calibration engineers have to weigh several factors into designing a calibration program for any given vehicle, including things like temperature extremes, altitude extremes, driving conditions and fuel quality. To cover a broad range of driving applications and conditions, the programmers will use a "Lowest Common Denominator" method of tuning. This means they will account for the worst driving conditions and fuel quality that is feasible and, while still maintaining reasonable performance and economy, they will base their calibrations on these factors. Unfortunately, this type of tuning is obviously not going to offer the best performance or economy. Our programmers overcome this by retuning the calibrations designed for your given vehicle under your specific conditions.

While other manufactures offer generic performance modules, which cover a broad number of vehicles, our engineers design calibrations based on vehicle specific information as well as variables such as location and driving conditions. Using that information, our programmers can design calibration code to provide the best possible combination of performance and economy with adversely affecting the integrity or service life of the vehicle. Such performance tuning also provides for improved vehicle emissions and is EPA legal in 49 states, NOT currently legal for highway use or sale in the State of California!.

What you can expect!

Performance increases for the Turbo-diesel are achieved by dramatically improving the fuel management tables as well as the turbocharger boost controls to increase performance and derivability without sacrificing economy. With automatic transmission functions becoming more dependent on computer controls, there are a large number of performance benefits achieved by tuning the automatic transmission calibrations as well as the engine. As manual transmission vehicles are inherently more efficient, require less maintenance, and are generally less expensive than automatic transmissions, they are usually the choice for larger fleets. Obviously, there are no possible ways to improve performance in a manual transmission, at least not electronically. Fortunately, automatic transmission reap a large number of benefits from performance tuning. Improvements in shift programming can increase performance by utilizing more of the engine's operating output RPM range or "power bank". Reducing slip time between shifts has several benefits including reduced clutch plate wear and minimization of fluid breakdown due to heat. This translates into longer service life, fewer repairs and lower downtime, listed below are the general specifications:

Horsepower Increase: 22% -45% increase for turbo-diesel vehicles

Torque Increase: 15%-50% increase for turbo-diesel

Fuel Economy Increase: 3%-18% increase for turbo-diesel vehicles (.5-2 miles per gallon avg.)

Automatic Transmission: 5%-12 increase in overall line pressure, 2%-5% increase in shift pressure, 15%-35% reduction in shift slip time.

Performance improvement curves.

To order please provide the code numbers of the vehicle computer module (don't get the numbers from any other source), it will be a four digit sequence including three letters and one number, i.e. TEE1, XLT4. With this number we can supply a chip designed specifically for your vehicle.


This is definitely a (DIY) do it yourself project that can be completed in less than 60 minutes. Click here for a typical PowerStroke installation instruction sheet.

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