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Positractions Locking Differential Frequently Asked Locker Questions Print E-mail

Powertrax Frequently Asked Locker Questions


Extreme Traction is a trademark of Powertrax that describes its family of advanced traction-adding differential products. All Powertrax differentials are designed to deliver maximum power and optimum performance in extremely demanding vehicle applications.

Most vehicles are equipped with "open" differentials that have not traction enhancement capabilities. Although these differentials provide the required wheel "differentiation" for turning, they actually deliver all engine power to the slipping wheel in poor traction conditions. This design characteristic makes open-differentials inadequate in many driving situations. Both on-road and off, vehicles frequently need more traction than open-differentials provide, to prevent slipping, sliding, or getting stuck. Numerous designs, such as limited-slip/posi differentials, attempt to overcome open-differential shortcomings with varying degrees of success.

As the name implies, limited-slip/posi differentials limit or reduce wheel slippage, but do not eliminate it. By applying friction with clutches or cones to the side gears inside the differential, unwanted wheel slippage is reduced. The degree of reduced wheel slippage is determined by the amount of friction, or "breakaway torque," applied to the side gears. While performance varies from one design to another, as little as 15% to 25% of engine torque will be delivered to the higher traction wheel when new and will decline with use. Although better than open differentials, limited-slip/posi differentials do not provide the maximum traction capabilities of locking differentials.

Unlike limited-slip/posi differentials, locking differentials deliver 100% of engine torque to both wheels, even if one has zero traction. Locking differentials, commonly referred to as "lockers," are available in either manual or automatic configurations: Manual lockers operate like open differentials when deactivated. When manually activated, they deliver maximum traction by essentially joining together both wheels. Because manual lockers do not differentiate when activated, care must be used to insure they are manually disengaged when making turns on hard surfaces to avoid potential damage.

Automatic lockers deliver maximum traction without requiring manual activation and deactivation. The wheels are mechanically "locked" together when the vehicle is traveling straight ahead. As the vehicle begins to turn, it automatically; unlocks to allow required wheel differentiation throughout the turn, and then automatically re-locks. Although not as smooth and as quiet as limited-slip/posi differentials, vehicles equipped with automatic locking differentials provide differentiation and the highest level of traction output.

With a Powertrax No-Slip Differential, there is no need to compromise. The product delivers full differentiation with the maximum traction of an automatic locking differential, plus combines the smooth and quiet operation of a limited-slip/posi differential. Power is automatically directed to provide full engine torque to both wheels, even if one has zero traction. Unwanted wheel slip is controlled to provide the best traction output. Transitions are smooth and quiet, from equal torque distribution to both wheels, to differential action when making a turn. This combination of unique characteristics allows the broadest range of applications. Model are available for virtually any type vehicle, including late model 4x2 and 4x4 trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans, recreational vehicles and many rear wheel drive passenger cars.

.Powertrax No-Slip Lockers have been specially designed for ease of installation. Because they can be installed inside the existing differential case, the highly accurate factory ring and pinion setup does not need to be adjusted, and in many cases doesn't even have to be touched. Complete easy-to follow, model-specific, step-by-step instructions are supplied with each unit. No special tools are required, and most installations can be completed in a couple of hours.
Powertrax No-Slip Differentials are also available in special high strength cases. Only these case versions need the ring and pinion to be reset, requiring proper or professional installation,


No-Slip Differential



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