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Acura Honda Remco towing products Print E-mail

Towing Experts providing Acura Honda Towing Products:hondapassport.jpg

  • Drive Line Disconnect

Need information or towing products for you Acura?   These high quality products are manufactured for us by Remco. With these products RV’ers can tow vehicles behind your motor homes with all four wheels on the ground—worry free. We provide a combination of towing products for 2 different Acura Honda models including the SLX and the Passport. These items will assist you in easy hook up of the towed vehicle to your motor home. Our driveline disconnect is a mechanical disconnect that will disengage the automatic transmission while under tow. For front wheel vehicles we provide the lube pump, this unit circulates the transmission fluid through the radiator cooling system to prevent damage to your automatic transmission.

Drive line Disconnects Prevents transmission damage from occurring by disconnecting the rear differential from the transmission disconnect_large.jpg

With our Drive Shaft Coupling you now have a simple and convenient way to tow your rear-wheel drive automatic transmission vehicles. . No more having to have your car mechanically serviced to disconnect your drive shaft from the rear axle. There's no worry about damaging your transmission. To drive your vehicle, a simple push in on the control knob and you are ready to tow.

  • No transmission damage while towing.
  • No speedometer miles are accumulated while towing.
  • Shift to drive or tow in seconds.
  • Coupling made with heat treated alloy steel.gbyedolly_large.jpg
  • Precision cut gear teeth.
  • Lifetime sealed ball bearings.
  • Fits most rear wheel drive cars, vans or pickups.
  • Exchange plan available for transfer to a second car.
  • Over 150,000 units on the road in 25 years.
  • Complete step-by-step installation instructions. Easy installation by a garage or a weekend mechanic.
  • One year limited warranty.

    Other products we offer to support your Acura and Honda towing needs:

  • Tow Bars
  • Baseplate assemblies .

To ensure that we provide the correct drive line disconnect kit the first time it's a good idea to slide under acuraslx_large.jpgthe vehicle with a tape measure and get the "Length A to B". This measurement is the center line of the front ujoint cap to the center line of the rear ujoint cap, to within 1/8". If you have a two piece drive shaft with a carrier bearing in the middle the measurement is of the rear shaft only.

    Driveline disconnect kit includes new drive line with disconnect built in and high speed balanced. Shift bracket that you mount to your differential housing and a cable that gets run up under the front seat. Installation time varies by vehicle ranging from 3 to 4 hours typically.

    See the installation Instructions before you purchase

This is an abbreviated list and other parts are available. If you need something that is not listed just let us know.

Detailed Application Guide
  Year Tube Length Length A to B   Disconnect Kit Part Number Disconnect Kit Price
SLX 1996-97 U U   ISU-1


SLX 1998-01 U U   ISU-6




  Year Drive f/r/fwd/awd Tube Length Length A to B  

Disconnect Kit Part Number

PASSPORT 1994-97 4wd CL TIP ISU-3


PASSPORT 1998-01 4wd FL FL ISU-3


PASSPORT 1999-00 2wd-2pcds CL TIP ISU-3


PASSPORT 1999-00 2wd-1pcds CL CL ISU-3


NOTE: Double check the length on 1999-00 2WD models. A 1-piece 53" cl-cl drive shaft length has been seen on some of these models.  



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