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What Peugeot Automatic Transmission do I have? E-mail

What Peugeot Automatic Transmission do I have?Need Peugeot automatic Parts

Wondering what automatic transmission you have? Select  vehicle model from the following table then select model year of your vehicle, this table should provide the model/type of transmission in your vehicle. With model number select link back to automatic transmission kit section, call 800-216-1632 and let us help save you some money!  Automatic transmission parts are available for the following Peugeot models:  305, 404, 405, 504, 505 and 604.
Replacement automatics transmissions are also available.

Provide the parts to your mechanic and save money! Prior to ordering parts check for identification tag on transmission to ensure that you have properly identified your unit, this tag is typically located on the drivers side of the transmission above the pan.

PEUGEOT     Year           Transmission Model
305   1992-1994           ZF4HP14
404   1967-1981           ZF3HP12
405   1989-1991           ZF4HP14
504   1975-1983           ZF3HP22
505   1978-1986           ZF3HP22
505   1984-1991           ZF4HP22
604   1977-1979           TH180
604   1979           ZF3HP22
Last Updated ( Monday, 29 August 2011 )
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