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Provide the ultimate summer sun and rain protection with our Rugged 13588.35lg.jpgridge Roll Bar Curtains, Roll Bar Tops and Island Tops.  Attaching the same way as our durable Summer Briefs, these full length tops and curtins provide protection from the elements for both the front and rear passengers.  Rear attachment straps attach to the rear sport bar hoops on 1992 to 1998 models.  1976 to 1991 models include an easy to attach rear bow.  All 1997 to 2008 Roll Bar Top models are designed to be used with an optional, no drill Windshield Header for quick conversion from hard top to Summer Brief. Select a link to see Roll Bar Curtins, Roll Bat Tops, Door Frames and Windshield Header





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Model Number Year Part Number   Description Your Cost Select Image to enlarge
WRANGLER 1980-2006 13552.09   ROLL BAR CURTAIN, GRAY, UNLIMITED & CJ $94.99 13552.09_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1980-2006 13552.15   ROLL BAR CURTAIN, BLACK DENIM, UNLIMITED & CJ $79.99  13552.15th.jpg
WRANGLER 1980-2006 13552.35   ROLL BAR CURTAIN, DIAMOND BLACK, UNLIMITED & CJ $94.99 _13552.35_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1980-2006 13552.36   ROLL BAR CURTAIN, DIAMOND KHAKI, UNLIMITED & CJ $94.99 13552.36_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1980-2006 13552.37   ROLL BAR CURTAIN, SPICE, UNLIMITED & CJ $84.99 13552.37_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1992-1995 13553.09   ISLAND TOPPER ROLL BAR TOP, GRAY, $104.99 13553.09_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1992-1995 13553.15   ISLAND TOPPER ROLL BAR TOP, BLACK DENIM, $104.99 13553.15_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1992-1995 13553.37   ISLAND TOPPER ROLL BAR TOP, SPICE $104.99 13553.37_th.jpg
CJ7&WRANGLER 1976-1991 13554.09   ISLAND TOPPER ROLL BAR TOP, GRAY $129.99 13554.09_th.jpg
CJ7 & WRANGLER 1976-1991 13554.15   ISLAND TOPPER ROLL BAR TOP, BLACK DENIM, $129.99 13554.15_th.jpg  
TJ 1997-2006 13586.35   ISLAND POCKET TOPPER BLACK DIAMOND $104.99 13586.35_th.jpg
TJ 1997-2006 13586.36   ISLAND POCKET TOPPER KAHKI DIAMOND $104.99 13586.36_th.jpg
JK 2007-2009 13588.35   ISLAND TOPPER SOFT TOP, BLACK DIAMOND, RUGGED RIDGE 2-DOOR $104.99 13588.35_th.jpg
JK 2007-2009 13588.36   ISLAND TOPPER SOFT TOP, KHAKI DIAMOND, RUGGED RIDGE, 2-DOOR $104.99 13588.36_th.jpg
JK 2007-2009 13589.35   ISLAND TOPPER SOFT TOP, BLACK DIAMOND, RUGGED RIDGE JK 4-DOOR $129.99 13589.35_th.jpg
JK 2007-2009 13589.36   ISLAND TOPPER SOFT TOP, KHAKI DIAMOND, RUGGED RIDGE, 4-DOOR JK $129.99 13589.36_th.jpg
CJ7 1976-1986 
 $154.99 13715.80_th.jpg
JK 2007-2009 

$25.00 minimum order.

Jeep Trivia!

Ever wonder about or get confused by Jeep lingo? The following might help: 

Body Type   Year/Model
CJ5 Body   1954-1983 2 door open
CJ6 Body   1954-1974 2 door open
CJ7 Body   1976-1986 2 door open
CJ8 Body   1981-1985 Scrambler
YJ Body   1987-1995 2 door open Wrangler
TJ Body   1997-2000 2 door open Wrangler
C101 Body   1966-1974 Jeepster Commando
J or SJ Body   1964-1981 2 or 4 door open or 2 door pickup
XJ Body   1984 and later 2 or 4 door SUV Cherokee
MJ Body   1985-1991 2 door pickup Comanche
ZJ Body   1993 and later 4 door SUV Grand Cheroke




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