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Buy only the best Rear End Parts manufactured in America by American Axle Rear End Parts.

As a distributor for  American Axle Manufacture we offer a full line of Original Equipment (OE) parts. We suggest that you demand original OE parts the same parts in your vehicle left the factory with.

We can provide America Axle Parts:  Repair Kits including Ring and Pinion Sets, Bearing Kits Master and Pinion Kit, Carrier Cases, Positractions, Spyder/Side Gear Kit, Gaskets, Seals and miscellaneous parts.

Guaranteed Only our original equipment (OE) quality differential components are guaranteed to meet the same specifications as the factory parts they replace.  More lapping cycles and tighter tolerance in the manufacturing process, reduces noise, improve performance, It's important.

Performance Differential parts means performance to the vehicle manufacturer’s standards.

Why change gear ratio?  Lower ratio's provides more power (off the line) & towing. Higher ratio for concrete cursing an getting groceries, provides more miles per gallon.

AAM Reliable Parts

AM products are designed for long-term reliability.

AAM Durable

Advanced processes ensure AAM products withstand the high usage demand for all Chrysler Dodge, Ford & General Motors applications

Quality AAM products

Are manufactured to the highest-quality standards that our customers demand


AAM products are engineered, manufactured and validated to meet OEM specifications and ensure ultimate performance. Ford models we support.

Simple troubleshooting help, detailed parts list, assembly parts illustrations are provided  for Ford .

Get started  by determining what ring gear is in you vehicle, see  platform chart, once you know the ring gear size view What rear end do I have?  This table provides plate form number, year manufactured, Ford model and identifies what differential you have.  With that information select ring gear size to see all detailed information. 

Ring and Pinions -  Ring & Pinions Problems?

 If your vehicle seems to be having a series of Ring and Pinion problems, it's likely that you have an internal component fault. It's very difficult to diagnose the cause of a ring and pinion faults as they are quite often hidden away under a few other mechanical parts of the vehicle.

Master Bearing Kit Pinion Bearing Kits are available and should be changed at the same time as installation of new Ring & Pinion Gear, also Spyder/Side Gears, and axles plus miscellaneous small parts.

You can identify problems with your Rear End/Differential;  there are four typical problems associated for General Motor vehicles Differential/Rear End are Ring and pinion failure.  First thing to do is drain the differential fluid, then remove the cover and visually inspect the major parts.  A extreme problem wth ring and pinion is shown in photo below:

You can see major problems (reference photo below).  You may want to take a couple of photos of you differential with cover off and email photos to our technical expert and get his free advise , along with a quote for parts you will need for the repair.  Supply parts to your mechanic and save money.

Probably the worst case damaged ring and pinion set you will see!

To determine where the problem with rear of front end, you can drain the fluid by removing the cover bolts, check the clutch discs for any wear and tear. This can be caused by wear and tear on the disc due to extended normal usage. There are also a variety of reasons why your clutch might be worn out. You might notice some slipping when engaging four wheel drive.

As indicated these issues can be caused by many things, including: internal component damage such as bearing wear, chipped tooth on ring or pinion teeth, oil contamination, positraction clutch/discs components wear of failure, worn out seals causing by lack of fluid or wear, age, environment. and Vibrations of the drivelines over an extended period.  Seals assembly and vibration problems within the transmission and drivelines.

The first step is to look at all of the different systems on your vehicle differential determine if they are causing the problem. With the cover off you can inspect these components which might not be working properly, but there is something that is causing all of the problems, then there could be an issue with the internal ring and pinion, bearings, traction components, drain the fluid and look for tiny sliver flakes caused by excessive bearing wear or gear load pattern (caused by wear or improper setup, see below:


It's important to check the differential fluid/coolant level every time you change motor oil or at service intervals. When you check the differential fluid level, you should check to make sure that you don't overfill the rear end by pushing too much into the case or you may damage the pinion or wheel seals. Look for sludgy brown lubricant, caused  by leaking seals allowing the differential to inhale water, (because the lubricant & housing are hot and water is cold) this happened often when lunching your boat at the marina, or driving in flooding conditions.


To determine if there is a problem with your ring and pinion, you can check the individual teeth for any chips, irregular wear patterns. This wear and tear is typically caused by bearing wear or pinion crush sleeve giving up and alignment being out of specifications due to normal usage. You can also chip tool while trying to get unstuck from mud, snow or sand  (the old trick of slight reverse and rapid shift to forward).  There are also a variety of reasons why your posi clutches might be worn out.

Ring and pinion problems can be fixed, so don't be afraid to call a mechanic, (you supply the parts and save money). It is also possible to do these repairs yourself and save a lot of money, we do not suggest that an inexperience person attempt this job, look for a friend or associate with experience to help. You will need access to press for installation of the bearing.

If you have to take it to a shop (dealer not recommend) be prepared to pay between between eight hundred to fifteen hundred dollars (labor(.  A good way to ask the shop manager, what is you hourly shop rate, then ask how many hours does he expect the repair to take?

After the repair ask manager to take you on a test drive, you can listen for same noise or new noises.  We also suggest you ask to see old parts that were replaced. This are some of the things you should look for and this will help you know if you have a problem with your ring and pinion assembly.

The best way to prevent ring and pinion problems is to make sure that the correct fluid is being used, including posi fluid (if required) and that the pinion is installed correctly. After your vehicle inspection.  Ask the shop manager if any other issues that need repair were noticed. While paying the bill ask to see written warranty.

A detailed parts illustration is provide to assist you in identifying the correct parts, the first time.  Supply the correct parts to you mechanic will save you money. Click part number to see more information including your cost.

Didn't find what you need just give us a call 800-216-1632 & talk to our technical expert.

To see the complete line of American Axle Rear end and differentials by rear end size with individual setup specifications and parts lists and parts illustration that are provided here:

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