Ring and Pinion GM: 218 MM Rear Axle

Ring and Pinion GM 218mm Camaro Rear Axle

Why buy the best rear End Parts manufactured by American Axle rear End Parts (OE)

OE parts are made by the vehicles manufacture. These match the parts that came with your vehicle when it rolled off the assembly line.

As a stocking distributor for American Axle Manufacture we offer a full line of Original Equipment (OE) parts. Demand original OE parts the same parts your vehicle left the factory with including, the 7.25 inch to 11.5 inch Ring and Pinion & many other differential components.

To see the complete line of American Axle rear end and differential parts for the Camaro 218 mm.

Master Bearing Kit Pinion Bearing Kits are available and should be changed at the same time as installation of new Ring & Pinion Gear. Simple troubleshooting information is provided.

You will find a detailed parts illustration located below:

Ring and Pinion Sets, Axles, Carriers, and miscellaneous parts.

You can identify problems with your rear differential there are. Four typical problems associated with General Motor vehicles. GM rear End are Ring Ring and pinion failure:

Trouble Shooting GM Rear End Differential

Problem #1 Regular “clunking” or loud “clicking” every few feet may indicate a broken ring or pinion gear tooth. “Banging, clicking or clunking” while cornering can be caused by broken carrier bearings or side gears commonly called “spider gears”, lack of sufficient positraction lubrication, or worn positraction clutches.

Problem #2 Worn carrier or pinion bearings can create excessive play between the gears and produce an uneven wear pattern or chipping teeth.
Problem #3 Check for worn bearings and replace as necessary.
Problem #4: Improper break-in mileage can and will lead to premature wear and damage.

We can provide the following GM Axle Components including Repair Kits that include Ring and Pinion Sets, Bearing Kit Master and Pinion Kit, Internal Kit, Gaskets and seals.

Guaranteed Only our original equipment (OE) quality differential components are guaranteed to meet the same specifications as the factory parts they replace. More lapping cycles and tighter tolerance in the manufacturing process, reduce noise, improve performance, It's important.

Performance GM inch AAM components means performance to the vehicle manufacturer’s standards.Why change gear ratio? Lower ratio provides more power (off the line), higher ratio for concrete cursing an getting Groceries, provides more miles per gallon

AAM Reliable AAM products are designed for long-term reliability.

AAM Durable Advanced processes ensure AAM products withstand the high usage demand for all GM applications

Quality AAM products are manufactured to the highest-quality standards that customers demand

Performance AAM products are engineered, manufactured and validated to meet OEM specifications and ensure ultimate performance.

Supply the correct parts to you mechanic will save you money. Click part number to see more information including your cost.

Rear Axle Products GM: 218 MM 

PART NUMBER Description Min year Max year Axle Type Spline Count & Ratio Notes Ratio Teeth Your Cost
40053855  Rear Axle Positriction TracRite PC - Plate Clutch Limited Slip Differential 32 3.27+ 2010 2015 Rear Axle 32 32 / 1.37" 3.27+   $185.95
40081311 Rear Axle Pinion Flanges 32  2010 2015 Rear Axle 32 32 / 34.65     $64.29
40037658 Rear Axle Ring & Pinion Gear Sets   3.7 2010 2015 Rear Axle   3.7 10x37 $524.16
40037661 Rear Axle Ring & Pinion Gear Sets   3.27 2010 2015 Rear Axle V8 Engine 3.27 11x36 $185.71
40037664 Rear Axle Ring & Pinion Gear Sets   3.45 2010 2015 Rear Axle V8 Engine 3.45 11x38 $274.86
40098654 Rear Axle Ring & Pinion Gear Sets   3.91 2010 2015 Rear Axle   3.91 11x43 $274.86
14012691 Rear Axle Collapsible Spacer   2010 2015 Rear Axle       $1.37
74060018 Rear Axle Master Bearing Kits   2010 2015 Rear Axle       $85.71
40037575 Rear Axle Output Seal 2010 2015 Rear Axle       $10.37
40040049 Rear Axle Coverpan Gasket   2010 2015 Rear Axle       $16.89
40053191 Rear Axle Pinion Seal   2010 2015 Rear Axle       $14.23
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