Ford: 9.75 Rear Axle

We can provide the following Ford 9.75 12 Bolt Axle Components that includes Repair Kits, Ring and Pinion Sets. Aftermarket Bearing Kit, Master and Pinion Kit, Internal Kit, Gaskets and seals sets are available.

Ford 9.75 inch AAM Components Guaranteed

Only our original equipment (OE) quality differential components are guaranteed to meet the same specifications as the factory parts they replace. More lapping cycles and tighter tolerance in the manufacturing process, reduce noise, improve performance, It's important.

Performance with Ford 9.75 inch AAM components means performance to the vehicle manufacturer’s standards.Why change gear ratio? Lower ratio provides more power (off the line), higher ratio for concrete cursing an getting Groceries, provides you more miles per gallon.

AAM Rear End Differential 9.75 OE Parts Reliable AAM products are designed for long-term reliability.

AAM Durable Advanced processes ensure AAM products withstand the high usage demand for all Ford applications

Quality AAM products are manufactured to the highest-quality standards that customers demand

Performance AAM products are engineered, manufactured and validated to meet OEM specifications and ensure ultimate performance.

This differential found in Ford 2500 model years 2003-2009 and 2009 to 2013. We offer a complete line of American Axle Rear end and differential parts for the Ford 12 Bolt.

Instructions for setting up Ford 9.75 inch ring and pinion backlash and other installation instructions are included with kit.

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Ring Gear Diameter: 9.75"
Diff Cover Bolts: 12-12mm X 26 RH Threaded Bolt
Pinion Diameter
1.970 31 Spline

Torque Specifications:

Pinion Preload New:  in-lbs
Pinion Preload Used: 6 to 8 in-lbs
Ring Gear Backlash: .11" to .016"
Ring Gear Bolt Torque: 75 ft-lbs
Carrier Bearing Caps 70 ft-lbs

A detailed parts illustration is provide to assist you in identifying the correct parts, the first time. Supply the correct parts to you mechanic will save you money.

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Description Application Part Number Make Min Year Max Year Axle Type
Ring & Pinion 3.55 F Series, Explorer, Expedition, Econo-Line 8L3Z4209Q Ford 1997 2004 9.75" Rear Axle
Ring & Pinion 3.73 F-150 BL3Z4209F Ford 2010 2014 9.75" Rear Axle
Ring & Pinion 3.73 F-Series over 8500 GVW CL3Z4209C Ford 2009 2016 9.75" Rear Axle
Ring & Pinion 373 F-Series over 8500 GVW CL3Z4209D Ford 2009 2016 9.75" Rear Axle
Ring & Pinion 3.37 F Series UNDER 8500 GVW 3L1Z4209AAF Ford 1997 2004 9.75" Rear Axle
Axle 135mm F150, MARK LT 7L3Z4234B Ford 2004 2008 9.75" Rear Axle
Axle Passenger Side F-150, Mark LT 7L3Z4234D Ford 2004 2008 9.75" Rear Axle
Axle 33.75mm F-150 Super Crew Cab, Heritage, Expedition/Navigator F75Z4234MB Ford 2001 2010 9.75" Rear Axle
Positaction Trac-Loc Plate Clutch Limited Slip Differential 9L3Z4026F Ford 9.75" Rear Axle
Differential Cases - No Internal Gears 9L3Z4204C Ford 2009 2013 9.75" Rear Axle
Internal Kit F-Series under 8500 GVW, Lincoln Mark LT, Expedition/Navigator 9L3Z4215C Ford 2011 2011 9.75" Rear Axle
Internal Kit F250(1984-85) E100 TO E350  E2UZ4215A Ford 1981 1997 9.75" Rear Axle