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5-Speed & 6 Speed Manual Transmission 20% more Power, 20% more fuel Economy the fifth tank is free!

Receive great benefit in gear-splitting with your NV4500 of NV5600 transmission and the GEAR VENDOR overdrive unit. With the addition of our overdrive when you are climbing grades you will have a gear between 4th/5rth and on 6 speed  you will have a gear between 5rth/6th that is ideal for keeping the engine in the power and the torque multiplication up. Look at the horsepower and torque curves and notice that by keeping the engine in the power you will gain 50+ horsepower and 60+ lb ft. of torque without any modifications to the engine.

The more heavily you are loaded the more you need the GEAR VENDORS and when you are heavy you would do best by not using 5th but instead use 4th + GEAR VENDORS (4th-over). This will keep your transmission temperature as much as a 100 degrees cooler (extending transmission life) and puts the stress on the GEAR VENDORS planetary gearing which is much stronger than 5th.

When you are running empty, 5th-over (double overdrive) will net you better fuel mileage and far less engine wear at today’s 75mph speed limits. Not only is the engine turning slower but so are all the engine drive accessories and this cuts down on parasitic losses (turning an a/c compressor or alternator slower greatly reduces the load on the engine).

For the empty truck which never tows and is never driven above 55 – 60 mph the stock transmission is good, but for everyone else the extra gears will give great performance gains that will actually pay for themselves many times over the life of the vehicle. Even the resale value of your truck will improve by more than the cost of the GEAR VENDORS because you will be able to point out that the engine has seen better care and effectively far less miles than other used trucks.

If you tow or run at speeds above 70mph there is just no good reason not to have a GEAR VENDORS UNDER/OVERDRIVE™


Installation time for these kits runs about 8 hours for skilled mechanic.  We can install the unit for you in o our Reno/Sparks NV facility. 

We offer five different Complete Kits for each Gear Vendor units for the 5 and 6 speed manual transmission Chevy/GM series transmission for more information call 800-216-1632 or click links below:

Drivetrain.com Part Number 3D4500C

Drivetrain.com  Part Number 33D4500E

Drivetrain.com Part Number 33D4501C

Drivetrain.com Part Number 33D5600C

Drivetrain.com Part Number 33D5601C

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