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Are you planning a transmission conversion or have you just completed the installation of the new fordabbottruk.jpgtransmission into your vehicle and are unable to get the speedometer connected. Cannot make the connection, well we just might have the answer. Below we offer two products first the Cable X unit that allows you to make mechanical to mechanical connections. The second unit is the ERA unit that corrects the ratio information supplied to the speedometer if you have changed the tire size or rear end ring and pinion ratio.


The Perfect “Quick Fix” Speedometer Solution

The Cable X is the easy, inexpensive way to operate your stock mechanical speedometer with updated transmission equipped with a vehicle speed sensor. The Cable X is basically an universal adapter that will pick up the electronic speedometer signal and will operate the cable driven speedometer to the corresponding speed.  You can do it quickly and easily at a cost below that of installing drive gears in the transmission. It’s a snap to install with only three wires — hot, ground and signal 

Cable X Features

•• Configurable for any tire
  size or gear ratio.

  •  Cable X contains adjustable dip switch settings to assure speedometer accuracy.      
  • Configurable for any tire size or gear ratio.
  • No long messy cables to deal with.
  • Easy installation

Your cost $339.95



Electronic Ratio Adapter (ERA)


Correct Your Speedometer With the ERA
Changing your tire size or rear gear ratio will make your speedometer inaccurate.  The Electronic Ratio Adapter (ERA) can take care of this problem for you. The ERA receives the current speedometer signal from the speed sensor and will output the correct speedometer signal to your speedometer. The ERA four step wiring is a snap. The ERA is compatible for most cars and trucks.

ERA Features

  • Resettable dip switches for future tire size/rear gear changes                                              
  • Easy to follow calibration
  • Wide pulse range

Your cost $145.00



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