Axle Replacements for Your Jeep CJ Model 20, A Great Do It Yourself Project


With aggressive off roading and trails climbing  things tend to break.  Upgrade you axles to our new kit and remove this potential problem. 

Our Jeep CJ Single Piece Axle Shafts Conversion Kit, one piece Axle Kits for your CJ Model 20 fits 1976 - 1986 eliminates the 2 piece original factory design (which axle do I have ). Single piece axle improves axle reliability. Two piece axle shafts need to be replaced with this new kit offering High Quality axle shafts. We have them ready to ship. This is an easy DIY (do it yourself project). Kit includes retainer plate with seals, inner seals, studs and tapered bearings, axle spacers and axle bearing retainer.

Your Price $299.79 per set including bearings and seals

Quality Control

  • 100% In-House Quality Control
  • Forged
  • CNC Machine
  • Heat Treated
  • Tested

No Shimming

  • Save HOURS on installation!
  • Much Easier to Setup

Heavy Duty

  • Custom Alloy
  • Induction Hardened
  • 1-Year Warranty

"Thread-In" Studs

  • Grade 8 Studs
  • If Damaged on the Trail, Easier to Replace Without Ruining the Axle!


  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Maintains Finish for Years

Machined Splines

  • OEM Process
  • Strong Splines

Complete Kit

  • All Parts Included
  • All Seals Included
  • Tapered Bearings

Need more information call 800-215-1632 & speak to our Axle Expert!


Axle identification data  
DTS7070-71K (early 1976-1981)

Brake Flange to Flange measurement 47 1/2"

Drive side axle length 23 1/4"

Passenger side axle length 26 1/4"
DTS3885-86K (late 1982-1986)

Brake Flange to Flange measurement 51"

Drive side axle length 25 1/2"

Passenger side axle length 28 1/2"
These Axle Conversions are guaranteed! We won't sell you the low quality parts you typically find on the market. If we wouldn't install it ourselves, we wouldn't sell it to you.