What is a Diesel Exhaust Brake?

What is a Diesel Exhaust Brake?
exhbkundveh-3.jpg The US Gear exhaust brake mounts in your exhaust pipe, a head of the muffler, it is electronically controlled.

Diesel engines vehicles are the vehicles of choicefor persons towing large loads. The power to pull a load, sometimes two to threetimes the gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the vehicle, plus the fuel mileage deliveredby diesel engines with such loads, is significantly greater than that possible insimilar size gasoline engines.

However, in mountainous of hilly regions or anyplace where significant grades in roads are found, gasoline engines vehicles haulingloads have and advantage in stopping power over diesel engine vehicles. This advantageis inherent in the design of the gasoline engine, as the gasoline engine is designedwith a carburetor or injection system that includes a throttle valve often referredto as a butterfly. When the accelerator, or throttle, is not engaged, as when braking,the butterfly closes off the air intake of the engine forming a compressor effectthat assists the vehicle in braking.

This is not possible in diesel engines becausethey have no throttle butterfly. When the accelerator of the diesel engine is released,no compression is developed and the brakes of the vehicle are giving the entire taskof stopping the vehicle. Lightly loaded or on flat land, the brakes are usually adequateon their own, but in hard braking situations generally the brakes are over-exertedand wear out sooner or dangerously overheat.

Until now! D-Celerator

The D-Celerator exhaust brake was designed forthe sole purpose of curing the problem of diesel braking, While the job it does isquite simple, the way it does it is very sophisticated. And although the D-Celeratoris installed as an assembly, it is the individual components and how they work togetherthat makes it unique.

How it works

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