Clutch Trouble Diagnosis - Clutch Chatters and Grabs

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The following information is provided to assist you in recognition of the problem based on your clutch performance symptoms, correct diagnostics eliminates solving problem(s) that you may or may not have:

Clutch Chatters and Grabs:

1. Improper pedal adjustment

2. Improperly adjusted cover assembly

3. Bent or warped clutch cover

4. Worn pilot bearing or bushing

5. Dry or poorly lubricated pilot bearing

6. Dust, grease, oil or foreign matter in clutch

7. Gummy, glazed or worn clutch facings

8. Unequal spring pressure

9. Release levers binding

10. High spot on pressure plate

11. Flywheel not resurfaced at installation

12. Insufficient cushion in sprints or stamping of clutch plate

13. Broken, cracked, grooved or warped pressure plate

14. Heat flattened cushion springs

15. Flexible center or hub springs broken, weak or worn

16. Bent clutch plate due to installation error

17. Burrs on clutch plate spline's

18. Bent main drive gear

19. Misalignment of clutch and transmission

20. Bell housing misalignment

21. Hill holder unit incorrectly adjusted

22. Loose or worn universal joints

23. Loose U-joint companion flange

24. Propeller shaft and U-joints misaligned

25. Excessive end play in rear spring shackles

26. Excessive backlash in U-joints or rear axle

27. Loose bell housing bolts

28. Loose or worn axle shaft spline's

29. Loose flywheel to crankshaft bolts

30. Loose rear spring saddles

31. Loose rear spring U-bolts

32. Loose or worn engine and transmission mountings

33. Worn clutch fork

34. Worn throwout bearing

35. Throwout bearing carrier binding or cocked on sleeve

36. Heat-set diaphragm spring

37. Weak retractor springs used on diaphragm spring assemblies

38. Burrs on main drive gear spline's

39. Dirt, burrs or nicks between flywheel and crankshaft flange

40. Worn torque shaft bushings

41. Loose motor support rods

42. Wrong type of facing used

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