Clutch Trouble Diagnosis - Clutch Drags

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Clutch Trouble Diagnosis

The following information is provided to assist you in recognition of the problem(s) based on your clutch performance symptoms, correct diagnostics eliminates solving problems that you may or may not have:

Clutch Drags:

1. Too much free pedal travel

2. Insufficient pedal travel

3. Driver does not release clutch fully

4. Cover assembly out of adjustment

5. Defective throwout bearing

6. Bent or distorted clutch plate

7. Dust, grease on clutch facings

8. Oil or grease on clutch facings

9. Poor facings riveting ---facings not tight or parallel to disc or cushion springs

10. Plate does not slide freely on main drive gear spline's

11. Bent or split clutch fork or torque tube

12. Excessive run out of clutch plate

13. Flywheel face scored, ridged or warped, causing misalignment

14. Facings damaged by rough flywheel face

15. Bent cover-throwing out of adjustment

16. Pressure plate broken, cracked or warped

17. Misalignment of bell housing or flywheel

18. Pilot bearing worn or frozen on shaft

19. Engine idling speed too high

20. Separator springs on center drive plate broken, weak or worn

21. Refaced flywheel did not maintain original counter bore depth, permitting hub springs to hit flywheel bolts

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