Clutch Trouble Diagnosis - Clutch Slips

Clutch Trouble Diagnosis Clutch Slips

Power and Torque

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The following information is provided to assist you in recognition of the problem based on your clutch performance symptoms, correct diagnostics eliminates solving problem(s) that you may or may not have:

Clutch Slips:

1. Too little pedal free travel

2. Driver's foot rides clutch pedal

3. Bent, frozen or worn linkage

4. Transmission out of alignment

5. Grease or oil on clutch facings from:

A. Throw out bearing

B. Engine rear main bearing

C. Release levers

D. Pilot bearing

E. Transmission

6. Insufficient clutch spring pressure due to weak, wrong or non-uniform springs.

7. Improper release lever adjustment

8. Distorted and warped pressure plate

9. Cushion springs bent while refacing plate

10. Throw out bearing riding noses on release levers after clutch is engaged

11. Clutch cover parts binding


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