Black Magic Low Profile Electric Fan #150, Installation Instructions Full Size Chevy & Dodge Truck, Van & Motorhomes





Available in three different colors.





Mounting Instructions-150 may be installed150fig1_large.jpg
horizontally or vertically to the


Assemble the brackets and threaded rods to the 150 fan
according to the specific application. Mount the 150 with
brackets using either the bolt-on or clamp-on method.
Clamp-on Method
Black Magic
Be sure to use star nuts to stabilize the threaded rods.
Bolt-on Method
Bracket Radiator
1. Disconnect the battery - Negative terminal
2. Connect the “B” terminal to a high current 12V positive power source (i.e. battery, starter solenoid) using the
thick red wire and in line fuse holder provided in the kit.
3. Connect the “G” terminal to ground (i.e. chassis, negative side of battery) using the thick black wire provided in the kit. (Do not install fuse at this time)
4. Connect the “+” terminal of the control box to a 12V positive (+) power source (i.e. fuse box), using the thin red wire and fuse taps (if necessary) provided in the kit.


Note: Attach this wire to an ignition controlled source to stop the fan when the vehicle is shut off
Note: Attach this wire to a non-ignition source to keep the fan running after the vehicle is shut off.


5. If you have air conditioning: with 3-way connector provided, pass the A/C clutch positive(+) wire (connected to the A/C compressor) through the connector. Place the green wire provided into the closed end of the connector. Crimp metal plate. Snap plastic cover into place. Attach green wire to the "C" terminal of the control box.


Air Conditioning Relay activates fan when A/C is turned on
6. Insert probe in radiator core near upper hose. Install rubber cap over end of probe.

1. Attach the temperature control knob to the control box.
2. Turn the knob clockwise completely.
3. Idle the vehicle, observe the temperature of the vehicle.
(Use the vehicles gauge)
4. When the temperature of the vehicle reaches slightly
above normal, turn the control knob counter-clockwise
until the fan turns on. From here on, the fan should
activate at this temperature setting. Adjust as necessary
according to your vehicle needs.


Manual Switch (not included) - Allows manual operation
of the fan.
( This step is based on Flex-a-lite’s manual switch
part #31148, other switches will cause this unit to
1. Connect the “M” terminal to terminal 1 on the switch.
2. Attach terminal 2 of the switch to a 12V positive (+)
3. Attach terminal 3 of the switch to ground, in order to illuminate
the switch.


Note (optional): To stop the fan from activating thermostatically, omit the lead to the “+” terminal of the control box.
“B”, “G”, & “M” must remain connected.


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