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Complete Drive Line and Driveshafts Service for All Cars, Trucks, Recreational/RV Motor homes, Foreign, Domestic Vehicles as well as 4 x 4 off road and 4wd Trucks and Jeeps. Custom, New OEM units and rebuilt driveline's, let us rebuild your existing unit and you save money.

We offer a complete line of new Spicer Dana and NEAPCO end yokes, u-joints, and flanges, existing shafts shortened or lengthened.

Heavy duty commercial units are one of our main specialties, including farm, construction, golf course, mining and PTO equipment. Double and single Cardan CV joint shafts manufactured for vehicles with angle problems. See general applications , don't see what you need just give us a call toll free 800-216-1632, free technical advise.

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Need help or tips with u joint repair tips for jeeps or truck as well as lowered cars, just give us a call we can help you remove vibration problems. See our free information on how to maintain or troubleshoot driveline's and driveshafts including angle phasing issues.


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  • Want to replace an aluminum driveshaft?
  • Want to replace a carbon fiber drive shaft?
  • Or just need a replacement?

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Troubleshooting Driveline Problems:

Angles and Phasing - Diagnostic & Testing

Field Problem Analysis and Answers

Troubleshooting Driveline Problems

Center Bearing Support Bracket

Review our You Tube video, see how drivelines are manufactured

The basic function of your driveshaft is to transmit power from one point to another in a smooth and continuous action. In automobiles, trucks nd construction equipment, the drivetrain is designed to send torque through and angle from the transmission to the axle (or auxiliary transmission). 

The driveshaft must operate through constantly changing relative angles between the transmission and axle. It must also be capable of changing length while transmitting torque. The axle of the vehicle is not attached directly to the frame, but rides suspended by springs in an irregular, floating motion. This means the driveshaft must be able to contact, expand and change operating angles,when going over bumps or depressions. This is accomplished through universal joints,which permit the driveline to operate at divergent angles, and slip joints, which permit contraction or expansion to take place.

We specialize in high speed balancing of the final assembled driveline's If your shaft drivelinestraight_large.jpgis not balanced with the actual end yoke and U-joints, you have not fixed the potential vibration problems. Our shop features the latest in driveling manufacturing and balancing equipment.

High Speed Balancing is the secret to smooth vibration free performance!

A driveshaft will not run smooth and vibration-free unlessit is straight and in balance. Our shafts are, after assembly and before welding,pre-straighten to the above specifications. We then dynamically high speed balancethe entire shaft assembly at the speed representative of the speed the shaft will encounter in its normal application.

We also specialize in high speed service, all rebuiltdrivlines leave our shop within 36 hours after being received. 


We stock a complete line of high quality drive line components from the following vendors:

  • Spicer
  • Rockford
  • Detroit
  • Neapco

To determine replacement driveshaft by application we will need to know the following information:

  • Make, model and year of vehicle
  • Manual or Automatic transmission, with or without overdrive
  • 3,4, or 5 speed transmission
  • Make and model of transfer case
  • Engine size and type (diesel or gasoline - 4, 6, or 8 cylinder)
  • Series of drive shaft (if you know it)
  • Wheel base of vehicle
  • Location of Driveshaft (front or rear) 

 If it's a part and or components under your vehicle we can supply it!

We also offer a large selection of driveline and drive shaft components, you can see the most popular yokes, stubs, flanges ujoints and center bearings .





Part Number Model Trans Type Product Description Retail Price
DTS2493-310 RX300 Auto Lexus Driveline Auto RX300 $1,223.22
DTS2493-311 RX330 Auto Lexus Driveline Auto RX330 $1,223.22
DTS2493-311 RX350 Auto Lexus Driveline Auto RX350 $1,223.22
DTS2492-108 SC300 Auto Lexus Driveline Auto SC300 $724.00
DTS2492-110 SC300 Manual Lexus Driveline Manual SC300 $724.00

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