Toyota replacement driveshafts

Having Vibrations Issues with your Toyota?

We offer replacement drivelines  for the following Toyota models: 4 Runner, Camry, Celica, Corona, Cressida, Highlander, Pickup 2WD, Pickup 4WD, Previa, RAV4, Starlet, Supra, T100 4WD, Tacoma 2WD, Prerunner, Tacoma 4WD, Tercell, Tundra 2WD and Van's.

In general Toyota driveshaft's are of the two-piece design. This design is intended to completely eliminate natural frequency vibrations.  The problem with this design of universal joint is that repair is difficult, relatively expensive and prone to early failure.  And front driveshaft run out, the most common Toyota driveshaft design is that the front driveline is centered directly off the transmission main shaft. This  design causes Toyota driveshafts to rotate with the smallest amount of radial run-out possible. Additionally the rear part of a Toyota driveshaft is centered with the next most accurate means. Toyota Drivshaft Replacements

As with and high speed rotating mechanism when parts wear or fail, serious vibrations can start small and build to cause sever damage to other drivetrain related components.  An updated designed universal joint is manufactured to exacting specifications, which specifically eliminates the root cause of early Toyota u-joint/driveshaft failure. 

Our state of the art manufacturing and high speed balancing facility  provides driveshafts that exceed the original manufactures specifications.  Our shafts also come with a new center bearing.

Replacement of the old existing driveshaft can prevent future diveshaft problems and failure bushing and seal in transmissions and differential caused by excessive vibration.  Also enhancing the comfort of your Toyota's ride.

Below we have provided a detailed applications guide covering all Toyota models drivelines, select your Toyota model 4 Runner, Camry, Celica, Corona, Cressida, Highlander, Pickup 2WD, Pickup 4WD, Previa, RAV4, Starlet, Supra, T100 4WD, Tacoma 2WD, Prerunner, Tacoma 4WD, Tercell, Tundra 2WD or Van's  and then just locate your Toyota model year, then you will be able to see the correct part number and your cost.  Just select "order form" and complete the required information and submit, your replacement drive shaft will be on its way to you.

Complete Toyota Drive Line and Driveshafts OEM replacement units, let us replace your existing unit and you save you some money. We offer a complete line of Toyota shafts, center bearings, end yokes, u-joints, and flanges and free technical support just give us a call (800-216-1632) Looking for information on other driveline manufactures products see below:


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Need help or tips with drivelines see our free information below on how to maintain or troubleshoot driveline's and driveshafts including angle phasing issues.

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Save money send us you core and we will re-builld it and high speed balance your shaft.  Save 20% or more.

Troubleshooting Driveline Problems:

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Troubleshooting Driveline Problems

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Review our You tube video, see how drivelines are manufactured

The basic function of your driveshaft is to transmit power from one point to another in a smooth and continuous action. In automobiles, the drivetrain is designed to send torque through an angle from the transmission to the rear axle. 

The driveshaft must operate through constantly changing relative angles between the transmission and axle. It must also be capable of changing length while transmitting torque. The axle of the vehicle is not attached directly to the frame, but rides suspended by springs in an irregular, floating motion. This means the driveshaft must be able to contact, expand and change operating angles, when going over bumps or depressions. This is accomplished through universal joints, which permit the driveline to operate at divergent angles, and slip joints, which permit contraction or expansion to take place.

We specialize in high speed balancing of the final assembled driveline's If your shaft drivelinestraight_large.jpgis not balanced with the actual end yoke and U-joints, you have not fixed the potential vibration problems. Our shop features the latest in driveling manufacturing and balancing equipment.


High Speed Balancing is the secret to smooth vibration free performance!


A driveshaft will not run smooth and vibration-free unless it is straight and in balance. Our shafts are, after assembly and before welding, pre-straighten to the above specifications. We then dynamically high speed balance the entire shaft assembly at the speed representative of the speed the shaft will encounter in its normal application.


Toyota Driveline and Driveshafts Replacements Products

Select your Toyota model for the following application guide, confirm the chassis model double click part number see additional information call  800-216-1632:
Your Cost *
4 Runner          
  1984-1992 MAN DTS-PT1391-105 4 wheel drive, 4-cylinder $541.67
  1988-1995 AUTO DTS-PT1391-110 4 wheel drive, 6-cylinder $541.67
  1990-1995 AUTO DTS-PT1391-106 2 wheel drive, 6-cylinder $541.67
  1996-2000 AUTO DTS-PT1391-111 2 wheel drive, 4-cylinder $541.67
  1996-2000 AUTO DTS-PT1394-118 4 wheel drive, 6-cylinder $639.17
  1996-2000 MAN DTS-PT1391-107 2 wheel drive, 4-cylinder $541.67
  1996-2000 MAN DTS-PT1394-114 4 wheel drive, 6-cylinder $639.17
  1996-2000 MAN DTS-PT1394-114 4 wheel drive, 4-cylinder $639.17
  1996-2002 AUTO DTS-PT1391-103 2 wheel drive, 6-cylinder $541.67
  1988 A&M DTS-PT2392-100    
  1989-1990 A&M DTS-PT2392-101    
  1972-1977 A&M DTS-PT2392-202   $556.83
  1978-1980 A&M DTS-PT2392-200   $556.83
  1981 AUTO DTS-PT2392-203   $556.83
  1981 MAN DTS-PT2392-200   $556.83
  1982-1985 AUTO DTS-PT2392-204 If 1985 GTS use shaft 2392-205 $556.83
  1982-1985 MAN DTS-PT2392-201 If 84-85 GTS w/ axle code F382 use 2392-206 $556.83
  1988-1989 A&M DTS-PT2392-207 All Trac  
  1990 A&M DTS-PT2392-208 All Trac Corolla  
  1980-1982 AUTO DTS-PT2392-252   $556.83
  1982-1983 MAN DTS-PT2392-272 22 spline trans yoke $556.83
  1983 AUTO DTS-PT2392-273 If 1983 coupe (4 speed auto) use shaft 2392-263 $556.83
  1984-1987 AUTO DTS-PT2392-255   $556.83
  1984-1987 MAN DTS-PT2392-258 22 spline trans yoke $556.83
  1988-1992 A&M DTS-PT2393-267 AWD $663
  1979-1980 A&M DTS-PT2392-270   $556.83
  1981-1982 AUTO DTS-PT2392-236   $556.83
  1981-1982 MAN DTS-PT2392-270   $556.83
  1978-1980 AUTO DTS-PT2392-300   $556.83
  1981-1982 A&M DTS-PT2391-301 If station wagon use shaft 2391-307 $340.17
  1983-1984 AUTO DTS-PT2392-302 If station wagon use shaft 2391-307 $556.83
  1983-1984 MAN DTS-PT2392-306 If station wagon use shaft 2391-307 $556.83
  1985-1987 MAN DTS-PT2392-304   $556.83
  1985-1988 AUTO DTS-PT2392-303 If station wagon use shaft 2391-308 $556.83
  1989-1992 AUTO DTS-PT2392-305   $556.83
  2001-2006 AUTO DTS-PT2493-311   $1120.17
Pickup 2WD          
  1979-1983 A&M DTS-PT1392-204 Long wheelbase $535.17
  1979-1983 A&M DTS-PT1392-201 Long wheelbase 3/4 ton $535.17
  1984-1994 AUTO DTS-PT1392-200 Long wheelbase, 4cylinder $697.67
  1984-1994 AUTO DTS-PT1391-109 Short wheelbase, 4cylinder $541.67
  1984-1994 MAN DTS-PT1392-202 Long wheelbase, 4cylinder $535.17
  1984-1994 MAN DTS-PT1391-108 Short wheelbase, 4cylinder $541.67
  1985-1988 AUTO DTS-PT1392-205 Long wheelbase 1 ton $535.17
Pickup 4WD          
  1984-1985 MAN DTS-PT1392-203 4cylinder, Long wheelbase $535.17
  1984-1988 MAN DTS-PT1391-105 4cylinder, Short wheelbase $541.67
  1986-1987 MAN DTS-PT1391-113 4cylinder, Long wheelbase $541.67
  1989-1994 AUTO DTS-PT1394-100 6cylinder, Long wheelbase $916.5
  1989-1994 MAN DTS-PT1394-101 6cylinder, Long wheelbase $916.5
  1989-1995 MAN DTS-PT1394-105 4cylinder, Long wheelbase $916.5
  1989-1995 MAN DTS-PT1391-105 4cylinder, Short wheelbase with "W" Transmission (For positive trans. ID, consult the Toyota Motor Corp data plate on the firewall. The bottom line indicates which trans. originally came with the truck) $541.67
  1991-1993 MAN DTS-PT2391-500 2 wheel drive $396.5
  1991-1995 AUTO DTS-PT2391-501 2 wheel drive $396.5
  1991-1997 AUTO DTS-PT2391-505 Accessory shaft runs the air/power steering pump $628.33
  1991-1997 AUTO DTS-PT2392-504 Front shaft, AWD $556.83
  1991-1997 AUTO DTS-PT2391-502 Rear shaft, AWD $396.5
  1991-1997 MAN DTS-PT2392-506 Front shaft, AWD $556.83
  1991-1997 MAN DTS-PT2391-503 Rear shaft, AWD $396.5
  1991-1997 MAN DTS-PT2391-505 Accessory shaft runs the air/power steering pump $628.33
  1994-1997 AUTO DTS-PT2391-507 2 wheel drive supercharged $381.33
  1996-2000 A&M DTS-PT2392-400   $658.67
  2001-2005 A&M DTS-PT2392-401   $658.67
  1981-1982 A&M DTS-PT2391-600   $355.33
  1983 A&M      
  1979 AUTO DTS-PT2392-701   $556.83
  1979 MAN DTS-PT2392-703    
  1980 AUTO DTS-PT2391-704   $261.67
  1980-1981 MAN DTS-PT2391-307   $261.67
  1981 AUTO DTS-PT2392-705    
  1982-1985 AUTO DTS-PT2392-706   $340.17
  1982-1985 MAN DTS-PT2392-707   $340.17
  1986-1988 AUTO DTS-PT2392-708 Non Turbo $556.83
  1986-1988 MAN DTS-PT2392-709 Non Turbo $556.83
  1987-1988 AUTO DTS-PT2392-710 Turbo $556.83
  1987-1992 MAN DTS-PT2392-711 Turbo $556.83
  1989-1992 AUTO 2392-710 Non Turbo $556.83
  1989-1992 AUTO DTS-PT2392-711 Turbo $556.83
  1989-1992 MAN DTS-PT2392-702 Non Turbo $556.83
  1993-1998 AUTO DTS-PT2392-714 Non-Turbo, Slip yoke at trans, Tri-prong at diff $663
  1993-1998 MAN DTS-PT2392-712 Turbo, Flange yoke at trans, Tri-prong at diff $686.83
  1993-1998 MAN DTS-PT2392-713 Non-Turbo, Slip yoke at trans, Tri-prong at diff $663
T-100 4WD          
  1995-1998 AUTO DTS-PT1394-102 6cylinder, Long wheelbase $916.5
  1995-1998 MAN DTS-PT1394-117 6cylinder, Long wheelbase $916.5
Tacoma 2WD        
  1995-1999 AUTO DTS-PT1392-206 6cylinder, Long wheelbase $535.17
  1995-2004 MAN DTS-PT1392-207 4cylinder, Long wheelbase $535.17
  1998-2004 AUTO DTS-PT1394-108 4cylinder, Extra Cab Prerunner $916.5
  1999-2004 AUTO DTS-PT1394-109 4cylinder, Reg Cab, Prerunner $639.17
  2001-2006 AUTO DTS-PT1394-107 6cylinder, Extra Cab & Double Cab $916.5
  2002-2004 AUTO DTS-PT1394-108 4cylinder, Double Cab Prerunner $916.5
Tacoma 4WD        
  1995-2000 MAN DTS-PT1394-113 4cylinder, Short wheelbase $639.17
  1995-2003 AUTO DTS-PT1394-106 4cylinder, Long wheelbase $916.5
  1995-2003 AUTO DTS-PT1394-116 4cylinder, Short wheelbase $639.17
  1995-2004 AUTO DTS-PT1394-103 6cylinder, Long wheelbase $916.5
  1995-2004 MAN DTS-PT1394-103 4cylinder, Long wheelbase $916.5
  1996-1997 AUTO DTS-PT1394-115 6cylinder, Short wheelbase $639.17
  1996-1997 MAN DTS-PT1394-115 6cylinder, Short wheelbase $639.17
  1996-2003 MAN DTS-PT1394-104 6cylinder, Long wheelbase $916.5
  2001-2003 MAN DTS-PT1394-119 4cylinder, Short wheelbase $639.17
  1983 A&M DTS-PT2392-602 AWD $569.83
  1984-1988 AUTO DTS-PT2392-603 AWD $569.83
  1984-1988 MAN DTS-PT2392-602 AWD $569.83
Tundra 2WD          
  2000-2003 AUTO DTS-PT3192-230 6cylinder, Long wheelbase  
  1984-1985 MAN DTS-PT2391-605   $340.17
  1984-1990 AUTO DTS-PT2391-604 If 87-90 AWD use shaft 2391-607 $340.17
  1986-1990 MAN DTS-PT2391-606 If 87-90 AWD use shaft 2391-608 $340.17
  1986-1990 MAN DTS-PT2391-608 Rear shaft, AWD $340.17
 * Core deposit $80.00