Three piece manifold Dodge Ram Diesel replace leaking cracked exhaust!

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New High Temp Black Coating at no extra charge, drilled and tapped for pryo gauge installation.  
Replace Cracked Single Piece Manifolds!

Your Cost $479.99
for 12 & 24 valve exhaust manifold Dodge Cummins 5.9 12 & 24 Valve from 1994-2003
Note 2003 replacement manifolds are two piece. Part number BOB-EX2403.
Part number BOB-EXM1200 fits 1994-1998 12 valve engines.  

Part number BOB-EXM2400 fits 1998 newer 24 valve engines. Kit does not include bolts, we suggest that you purchase bolts & exhaust gaskets at your local Cummins dealership, less expensive than Dodge.

The ATS three piece manifold for the Dodge Cummins application with its pulse exhaust flow design, increases exhaust gas efficiency helping to spool up your turbocharger sooner with less exhaust back-pressure.

This pulse manifold design eliminates the problems that persist with the stock manifold in both 12 and 24 valve engines, that is namely the shrinking and breaking of the manifolds. The stock manifold in both 12 and 24 valve engines can shrink as much as 3/8 of an inch. This causes exhaust gasket problems, manifold-cracking problems, and exhaust flow problems created by exhaust port misalignment. In 12 valve engines, one sees sheared off manifold bolts, and this extreme shrinkage can sometimes even break the ears off the head where the stock manifold is attached.

Expansion and contraction of the ATS pulse manifold is taken up in the two expansion joints. These expansion joints are unique in design. Advanced Turbo Systems holds a U.S. patent in the expansion joints design and function. The center portion of the manifold is machined with a straight bore on each end of the center section to accept the end castings. One set of bolt holes have merely a clearance fit where the manifold attaches to the cylinder head, the other set of bolt holes have more clearance for expansion. The end castings are where the function of this design becomes unique. The end castings that install into the straight bore of the center casting are a ball circumference seal arrangement. This allows the expansion joint to have interference fit and still assemble the manifold easily; while creating an excellent seal arrangement which allows for expansion and contraction of the manifold while maintaining a positive seal. The end castings of this manifold have one hole that is bolt clearance only. This insures near perfect exhaust port alignment without exhaust manifold movement on the head. This eliminates gasket and bolt loosening problems.

The ATS three-piece pulse manifold is cast of a much higher-grade material than the stock manifold. Instead of being just cast iron like the stock manifold, the ATS manifold is a ductile casting, which will handle far more heat without being brittle. This pulse manifold is a high molly-silicon-ductile casting that is machined on state of the art palletized CNC machining centers. This three-piece pulse manifold comes with new socket head cap screws and washer, gaskets not includes. Skilled mechanic can install in about 4 hours. Weight 23 pounds.