Ford PowerStroke Pickup Truck Trubo Down Pipe Provides 17 Addition Horsepower 

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Maximize the exhaust flow from the turbo on your 1997 or earlier Ford pick-up with the new fordautu_large.jpgTorq-Line Down Pipe by US Gear.

The O.E. turbo down pipe that connects the turbo to the catalytic converter was designed by Ford factory engineers for "fit" and it jeopardizes power producing "flow". This "factory fit" between the engine and the firewall was achieved by a series of irregular shapes that restrict exhaust flow out of the turbo. The US Gear Turbo Down Pipe maintains a concentric shape (3" in OD) for the full length of the pipe and channels the exhaust flow out of the turbo for maximum power, special tool are required for installation.


The US Gear Ford PowerStroke Turbo Down pipe is a highly anticipated companion product to the wildly successful Power Chip. This down pipe is available for the model years 1994 - 1997, 7.3L D.I. Ford PowerStrokes. We have them ready to ship, these down pipes are manufactured for us by US Gear, they offer improved performance Your Cost $289.95

Performance Benefits


  • 17 Additional Horsepower (Rear Wheel)
  • Allows Turbocharger to Spool Quicker
  • Increased Turbo Boost
  • Reduces Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Highest Quality American Alloy Material
  • Lifetime Guarantee




Installation instruction are available, this can be a do it your self project, however, it's not for the faint of heart and special tools are required, skilled mechanics can install this unit in between 2 and 3 hours. Installation Instructions . This unit sells for $289.95, UPS Ground Freight charges will be added.