These quality Dodge Getrag 360 manual transmission parts, rebuild kits and overhaul kits are designed to be top of g360_large.jpgthe line overhaul kits. We have include information on how to identify individual transmissions, application information, model year,and detailed kit and part availability by transmission type. The Getrag transmission that is covered in this section is the 5 speed rear wheel drive (RWD). Typically used in Dodge truck applications with diesel engines, commonly called Getrag 360s.

Different overhaul kits are available depending on the extentof the overhaul that you plan, the contents of the kits are described as follows:

  • K Kits (RWD): Main case bearings, gaskets, seals, miscellaneous parts will vary by transmission. Syncro rings are sold separately in sets.

    Information and parts are provided for the following Transmission: Getrag 5 Speed (RWD) a detailed illustrated drawing of the Getrag 360 is available to assist you in parts identification.

IDENTIFICATION - Cast iron, top loaded case with an aluminum top cover and tower shift. The shifter is on the front side of the top cover. "Getrag" is cast into the side of the case. The main bearings and the pilot bearing inside the input shaft are all tapered. Application is for Dodge trucks with turbo diesel.

  Part Number Description


Rebuild Kits  


  ALTBK261 Rebuild Kit (no syncro rings)


  ALT261WS Rebuild Kit (with syncro rings)  
  ALTSRK261 Syncro ring kit (brass rings)  
  ALTG360-K1, 290-K G360 1-2, 3-4, 5-R Spring & Ball Kit  
  ALTG360-P1,-105, -55 G360 Top Cover Pin, Spring & Gasket  
  Needle Bearing Kit    
Miscellaneous Parts      
Drawing Reference Number  

Top Cover Remanuactured (without stub)

 Core Deposit of  $250.00  
  Shift Stub Top Cover  Good Take Out (specify press on or screw on stick)    
  ALT360Case Empty Case 4wd Good Used  
14 TRS302672 G360 Main Shaft, 2wd  
14 TRS302672A G360 Main Shaft, 4x4  
2.5 TRS302641 G360 3-4 Slider  
2.5 TRS302703K G360 3-4 Syncro Assembly  
29 TRS302676 G360 Countershaft  
41 TRS302724 G360 Front Bearing Retainer  
27 TRS302674 G360 Cluster Gear (w/5th Gear)  
7 TRS302583 G360 3rd Gear 30t  
2 TRS302670 G360 Input Shaft 25t  
25 TRS302585 G360 5th Gear 21t  
60 ALTG360-19 G360 5th Gear 48t  
36B TRS302841 G360 1-2 Fork  
36C TRS302843 G360 3-4 Fork  
36A TRS302846 G360 5-R Fork  
22 TRS302641 G360 5-R Slider  
22 DLG-4740161 Good Used G360 5-R Syncro Assembly  
49 ALT4549212 G360 Speedo Gear 20t  
54 ALT4504585 G360 2wd Nut  
61 ALT4373814 G360 Back Up Light Switch  
4 ALT32008 G360 Pocket Bearing  
8 TRS302273 G360 3rd Gear Needle Bearing  
15 TRS302701K G360 1-2 Syncro Assembly  
17 TRS302701 G360 1-2 Syncro Ring  
23 TRS302275 G360 5th Gear Needle Bearing  
  ALT4373814 Switch, Backup light 2 Pronged mail connector Cream  


We also offer remanufactured NV4500 transmissions and conversion kits.


Need parts not listed, just print figure, circle the parts you need and fax itto us at 1-702-873-4534 and we will provide a quote.


Minimum order of $25.00 on transmission parts.