Infiniti Manual Transmission Rebuild Kits

Infiniti RS5F32 Manual Transmission Rebuild Kit         Infiniti RS5F50 Manual Transmission Rebuild Kit

Having difficulty with your Infiniti 5 speed manual transmission ready for an overhaul?  infiniti_rs5f50_large.jpgNeed components?  We provide a complete line of manual transmission rebuild kits and parts, for the following Infiniti models: G20,   G35  and I30.. These include quality kits custom assembled to include the replacement parts you will need to overhaul your manual transmission.  Parts are available for the following Infiniti manual transmission models, RS5F32A, RS5F32V, RS5F50A and RS5F50V. 

Together with bearings, gaskets and seal kits we offer syncro rings and other hard parts that you may want.  In many cases we can supply good used parts, these are good take out parts which are inspected, just contact us 800-216-1632 and let us help save you some money!
Infiniti manual transmission bearings and syncro kitNeed illustrated parts drawing to help you with parts identification just send email your request.
Choose your Infiniti model from the following table, select engine size, transmission model, model year and then select link "See Detailed List" this will take you to more information on parts that are available.
And so the next time you need to overhaul you manual transmission remember - all transmissions rebuild kits are not the same - you can never make a poor decision by choosing the best. 


  4cyl 2.0L RS5F32A 1991-02 5spd, FWD, standard differential (non-posi) DTS-BK174C Call
  4cyl 2.0L RS5F32A 1991-02 5spd, FWD, non-slip differential (posi) DTS-BK174C Call
  6cyl 3.5L FS6R31 A 2003-on 6spd, RWD, coupe or sedan DTS-BK481 Call
  6cyl 3.0L RS5F50A 1996-99 5spd, FWD, standard differential (non-posi) See Detailed List
  6cyl 3.0L RS5F50A 1996-99 5spd, FWD, non-slip differential (posi) See Detailed List