Toyota Truck Manual Transmission Information and Parts


Manual transmission parts and rebuild kits are available for Toyota Pickup Truck models:  4-Runner, Pick-up Truck, Helux, Previa DX, RAV-4, T100 Truck, Tacoma and Vans. These are quality kits custom assemble to include the component replacement parts you need to overhaul your manual transmission.  Our kits are professional kits, some hardparts are available, sometime we can supply good used parts (take out parts) to help save you money!  Just give us a call toll free 800-216-1632 and let us save you some money!

Bearings, gaskets and seal kits are available we also offer syncro rings and other hard parts that you may need.  We can provide parts for the following Toyota model transmissions: C50, C51, C52, C59, C150, C60, C140, E50, E51, E52, E56, E75, E153, E250, E351, G40, G52, G53, G57, G58, G59, H24, H41, J30, K40, K50, L40, L42, L45, L52, R151, R154, S51, S52, S53, T40, T50, T51, W40, W46, W50, W55, W56, W58, W59, V160, Z40 and Z50. 

Listed below you will find a detailed application guide listing vehicle manufacture information. Easy to use, follow these links LandcruiserPick-up Truck,  T100 Truck, Tacoma Truck, TundraVan and selecting your vehicles model and years of manufacture. Selecting the kit number for your application will take you to a detailed listing of the parts that we offer for your manual transmission.

We also provide illustrated parts drawing to ensure you order the correct parts.  So the next time you need to overhaul your manual transmission remember - all transmissions rebuild kits are not the same - you can never make a bad decision by choosing the best.