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The Gear Vendors uses a common vertex (cone) Raybstos clutch system. This means there is no parasitic loss through dragging an unapplied clutch pack. For this reasonthe Gear Vendors is the most efficient transmission on the market using less than1 horsepower per 400.


The Gear Vendors planetary carrier and power flow are ideal for motorsports and contain a level of engineering that would be hard to justify if it were not that we alsosell tremendous amounts of over the road non-race product. Because of this the UNDER/OVERDRIVE is a real bargain for racers in performance per dollar.  See drag video click image to right.gv_dragweek_video.jpg


Customers involved in professional motorsports should contact us at the factory toensure you are getting the proper products and that our benefits will be appropriatefor your application. Use the Final Drive Ratios found in the 2-wheel drive sectionof this catalog for ratio information. Free shipping within the continental United States only.

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Drag Racing Powerglide Racing Application Guide Land Speed Racing
Drag Racing 3-Speed Automatic   Off Road Racing
Drag Racing/Road Racing with 4-Speed Manual   E.V. Racing


DRAG RACING Powerglide

The Gear Vendors in combination with the Powerglide is an affordable, reliable,and very efficient package. This is a superior alternative for most cars lookingto go to a 3-speed. The Gear Vendors .78 to 1 ratio allows you to go to a numerically higher rear gear to improve your 60ft. times and get it all back with the overdrive.The reciprocal of our ratio is 1.28 so a car that currently runs a 4.56 rear couldgo to a 5.84 without loss of top end. You will have these improvements with reduced cost, greater reliability, and lower parasitic losses when compared to conventional 3-speeds. The overdrive is switched on with 12-volts and so is easily adapted tosteering wheel buttons or automated through rpm switches. The product is ideally suited in stock form for cars with 1200hp or less and in this case is virtually indestructible, literally running for seasons of use without maintenance other than fluid. Cars with1400+ horsepower can be accommodated but you should call the factory so hydraulic issues dealing with clutch ramp timing can be properly adjusted for your application.


Splitting the ratios (especially 2nd-over) is always valuable to the 3-speedcar. 1st over may produce wheel slip and so is not commonly used butrace4_large.jpg 2nd-over keepsthe converter tight and produces torque multiplication right when the aerodynamicsare starting to load the car heavily.  We’ve never heard of a car that didn’t run quicker going 1st,2nd, 2nd-over then 3rd. Some heavier cars that don’t want to turnthe engine real hard are also going up to a 1.28 deeper rear gear (the reciprocal of our ratio) and running 3rd-over for 5 or 6-speeds.

Consistency and E.T. are improved by operating the engine and converter in a tighter rpm range as well as having more torque multipliers through the run. The Gear Vendorsis one of few products that can improve both. Study the Final Drive Ratio charts in the 2-wheel drive section appropriate for your tranny make and also read the powerglide section.


Gear Vendors makes a kit to fit the Ford Top Loader and Jerico transmissions.The .78 to 1 ratio gives 28% more toprace2_large.jpgend to the vehicle numerically andcan be used in a variety of ways for the racer. Since the Gear Vendors can be shiftedwithout clutching, it is decidedly faster when compared to a conventional shift.  Imagine coming out of a corner or racing down a dragstrip where a foot or two couldbe very valuable and you have the option to hit a .78 multiplier under full throttle.

Some drag racers have found that using the overdrive version (popular in road racing) of the Top Loader with the ability to clutchless gear split the wide ratio makes fora great 5 or 6-speed.


For sustained long runs at high rpm we do a couple subtle changes to cut downthe hydraulic flow and relive pressure build. With this configuration we have completed thousands of miles of testing and racing between 7000 and 1200 rpm and can handleupwards of 2,000hp.race1_large.jpg

The super efficiency of the Gear Vendors (parasitic loss less than 1 hp per 400 lenditself to success in virtually all LSR classes that use a transmission. Wide ratiotransmissions are able to use the gear splitting feature to greatly improve engine reliability as it comes up through the gears in a tighter rpm range so less timeis spent at rpm’s where the engine may not be designed to run well. On short runslike Bonneville and other LRS tracks no cooler is needed or recommended for the GearVendors.


Because of the variety of terrain and traction it is hard to imagine a sportmore suited for our product than off road. Everyone who has tested or raced withthe product loves it and no one has every broken one off road.

The Factory Ford and GM sponsored guys are able to use exotic versions of Ford andGM/Hydramatic overdrive race3_large.jpgtransmissions provided to their teams. They getconverter lockup choices in a variety of gears, overdrive, and gear splitting (turning the overdrive on while in the overdrive ratios) to keep the motor in power. But thisis not available to more than a select few because the cost of maintaining these exotic versions is steep.

Once equipped with a GEAR VENDORS a three speed automatic has 6 available ratios you can shift through under full throttle. Look at the Final Drive Ratio charts inthe 2-wheel drive section and notice the close ratio aspect of this package. Whether you are in a Baja sandwash, hitting the apex of a corner at Pikes Peak, or hittinga jump on a closed course short track, the value of these gears is tremendous. The truck handles better because you always have the right gear for power. Also, the transmission will last longer because the torque converter is hooked up all the time.

Mike Lesle Racing (19-desert & stadium championships)has done testing and been instrumental in our approaching CORR for Pro 2 approvaland we hope to soon be allowed in the series. Mike also runs the product in his Fleetwood motorhome.

Bryant Hibbs, currently a consultant to ProTruck (Ivan Stewart’s Spec Series) has years racing his automatic with a Gear Vendors“Gear Vendors made all the difference for our trucks performance in the Baja 1000.”

Craig Stewart won the only event he’s raced with a Gear Vendors. We are working onbecoming a spec item for ProTruck so they can run in a class with our product.


Off Road Racing...highest finishing American Vehicle inthe 2001 and 02 Dakar Rally's (7th & 13th). The Dakar like the Tunisian and MasterRally's is part of the world Rally circuit dominated by full fledge factory effortsfrom Mitsubishi, Renault, Nissan, etc.racing5_large.jpg

March 2001 - the GEAR VENDORS equipped Ford ProTruck won the overall for 1st place in the Tunisian Rally with driver Bruno Saby. Congratulations to, ASM racecar's, Craig and Ivan Stewart and everyone else involved in a fantastic result in the 7500 mile race.

Off Road racing is full of great people with talent and ingenuity, but they won’tnecessarily brag about stuff that’s working really well. For this reason Gear Vendorsoffers Off Roaders a full one year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can actually race or test with our product and still get your money back. Try it and you’ll see why we can make this offer.


Some people are surprised to learn that we’ve been involved in Electric Vehiclessince the mid ‘80s. Gear Vendors has designed a built several transmissions for Chryslers TE Van project (electric version of the Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager), Georgia Powerand a number of universities entered in research and development or hybrids and alternativefuel cars and trucks.

Electric racing interested us because of the high sustained rpm and the absoluteneed for efficiency. BGSU’s (Bowling Green State University) Electric Falcon wasthe winner of the Phoenix Grand Prix at PRI. The Lincoln motor turns the Gear Vendors1200 rpm for sustained runs; A fairly impossible task for most transmissions.

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Racing Application Guide

Part Number




3DG100 GM Powerglide 2 Speed Automatic Transmission Replaces 11.5" tail housing Chevrolet passenger cars
3DG101 Shorty Powerglide common in racing Replaces billet housing, provides standard transmission mount location Requires short output shaft, result is 11" shorter than standard glide
3D6000 Ford Top Loader & Jerico Replaces 14" tail housing 4 speed manual
3D0063 Shorty C-6 3 Speed Replaces 14" tail housing Makes kit 10" shorter
Multi Add 2nd complete overdrive   For land speed and go fast

Check out the unlimited horsepower warranty and money backguarantee and the simple installation in the dimensions section.  If you would like detailed information on individual overdrive application give us a call.. 800-216-1632.   We have included a frequently ask questions section that may answer some of your questions, don't see answers you need, just give us a call we will be happy to review your application with you. The following links provide specific application information, performance data that you can expect and the price data for your specific vehicle.