Put the fire back in your vehicle our custom designed power chip and programmers are specifically programmed to enhance your vehicles performance, available for Ford gas and diesel vehicles. Electronic performance enhancing circuits also available for the Chevrolet and Dodge Ram Cummins.

Our Ford programmers that change parameters which control the engine's air/fuel mixture, timing, turbo boost (diesel), and the automatic transmission performance. When towing a heavy trailer  you will need the added performance provided by these programmers. For the early 12 valve Dodge Cummins the Cam plate is a mechanical part that you easly install in the fuel pump and provides WOW performance.

The shortcomings of the new electronic-controlled engine is the fine-tuning of the fuel injection system, now, through the miracle of advanced microcircuit electronics, drastic horsepower improvements are possible with the aid of computer software. That's where our new programmers enters the picture, automatic transmission shifting points are improved and speed restrictions are removed.  Whopping rear wheel horsepowerincreases! Some fuel economy improvement, some customers claiming 6MPG we believethat 2 to 4 is normal!  Outrageous acceleration! Follow these links to find additional information on performance enhancements that are prossible.





Ford PowerStroke 7.3 lt. Diesel 

1994 to 2003 Programmers

Ford Gas Programmer Predator
Ford Gas, Mustang, Car & Pickup

DURAMAX PREDATOR Programmer2001-2009 Turbo Diesel




This is definitely a (DIY) do it yourself project that can be completed in less than 60 minutes.