Cam Plate Injection Pump Upgrade Installation Instructions for

1994-1998 Dodge 12 Valve 5.9

Installation of this unit should take about 25 to 30 minutes.

1.Use a chisel to create a ?V? notch across tamper-proof screw head.










2.Once screw has been removed, save it and the washers.

3.Remove clip from the fuel shutdown solenoid plunger rod under the bracket, then remove the solenoid.

4.Remove the remaining three cam plate cover screws and washers.

5.Loosen slightly one bolt at the rear of the injection pump which allows the fuel shut-down solenoid bracket to be swung out board just enough to clear the edge of the cam plate so the cover can be removed from the pump.

6.Remove the cam plate cover and set it to the side











1.Make scribe line across where the old cam plate lies.

2.Remove the two screws.

3.Switch stock plate with upgrade, then reinstall both screws. 











New upgrade installed

1.Remove the small tin cover on the rear of the cam plate cover before reinstalling the cover on the pump. This is the smoke screw adjustment. This does not affect horsepower but how quickly the pump adds fuel. If the truck accelerates slowly, turning the screw in ?clockwise?, one turn will speed things greatly. If you get too much burst throttle smoke then turn the screw out ?counterclockwise? to reduce smoke. A 3 mm. Allen and a 10 mm. box wrench are needed for adjustment.

2.Reinstall the cam plate cover making sure to reinstall the original gasket under the cover and tighten all hoses and brackets.