Advanced Air Filter for Ford PowerStroke Diesel for DIY Owners, increased performance, save your money!

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aFe Magnum Force Intake System

Air Filters Advanced Intake Systems

Ford PowerStroke


6.0 Turbo Diesel


7.3 Power Stroke High Flow 300% increase in air flow

Better Throttle Response

Washable & Re useable

Increase Horsepower and Torque

PowerStroke Kits:

2003 Ford PowerStroke Trucks 6.0 Lt turbo diesel P/N50-10391 your cost $325.45.

2002 - 2003 Ford PowerStroke trucks 7.3Lt turbo diesel. P/N 50-10191 your cost $305.45.

1999.5-2001 Ford PowerStroke trucks 7.3Lt turbo diesel. P/N 50-10061 your cost $284.24

1994-1198 Ford PowerStroke trucks 7.3Lt turbo diesel. P/N 50-10272 your cost $399.89
  Specifications and Performance for 50-10191

Magnum Force kit = 480 CFM 300% Increase in air flow

Stock Assembly = 147 CFM

CFM measured at 1.5" H2O

15 more horsepower, 32 ft-lbs torque gain

Lower your EGT's (exhaust temp.)

Air tight seal, rain guard

Quick and easy Installs in minutes

Pre-assembled, heavy gauge metal housing, snaps into existing air box retains OE filter minder no additional hardware required ---Easy maintenance -- see cleaning instruction.

Advanced Flow Engineering (aFe) has developed a new high flow air filter for the Ford PowerStroke pickups. The new filter flows the most air of any currently on the market.


An air filter maintenance kit is available it includes a 12oz. bottle of air filter cleaning agent and a 8oz. bottle of air filter aerosol spray. Order part number 90-50500 your cost $18.75 when ordered with air intake kit no extra charge for shipping. Replacement maintenance kits your cost 22.75 plus S&H. See how easy it is to maintain your new filter system, 5 easy steps cleaning instructions


aFe Filter Cleaning Instruction

Preparing --- Gently tap the filter to remove excess embedded dirt. Gently brush the remaining excess dirt from the element with a soft brush

Soaking --- Using aFe restore cleaner, spray the element thoroughly soaking the cotton media. Let it soak for approximately 10 minutes. For large elements, or where a quantity of filters are to be cleaned, put an inch or more of cleaner in a pan and roll the filter in the pan thoroughly soaking the element. Again let it soak for approximately 10 minutes.

Rinsing off --- Using low pressure from a tap or a hose, run water from the clean side to the dirty side until the water running through the element comes through clear. DO NOT USE HIGH PRESSURE or a nozzle that sprays a sharp stream.

Drying --- It is best to let the filter dry naturally. It is OK to lay the filter in front of a fan to speed drying. Do not use heat or high pressure air as it can cause media damage.

Oiling --- Using aFe special formula aerosol air filter oil, spray a wide band of oil. Let it set 20 minutes and it will wick throughout the element. If light spots appear spot touch those areas.

Note --- Sunlight deteriorates the oil. If the filter is exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time it will be necessary to re-oil the filter.