Instructions DurRaptor Programmer

Add 80 More Horsepower to your GM 6600 Duramax Diesel - Installation Instructions for Power Programmer



80 horsepower 200 additional foot pounds of toque.

  2001 - 2005 Duramax GM Diesel now available!duramaxtrkboat_large.jpg
In a matter of minutes see a dramatic increase of horsepower and torque from your Duramax! Our Programmer improves the efficiency of your vehicle by enhancing these key areas:
* Improved throttle response
* Quicker transmission shift
* Increased fuel economy
* More passing power
* More pulling power

The only GM certified programmer outside the GM organization designs our programmer and codes. Our code updates take advantage the ECM program to effect critical function like the amount of fuel delivered by the injector to increase performance (holding injectors open longer). Unlike other manufactures Duramax performance products our programmer does not increase fuel pressure to point where fuel rails are being destroyed.

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Instructions for the Duramax Hand Held Programmer:

The Duramax Programmer will run automatically when the unit is inserted into the DLC connector. Please read all the instructions before you install the unit. Any damage to the PCM or DurRaptor Programmer as a result in not reading directions will be at the consumer's risk.

Things you must do prior to installing your Duramax Programmer:
  • Start the vehicle and allow to run for 5 minutes.
  • While the vehicle is running turn of all accessories (radio, fans, radar detectors, etc.) and set the parking brake (important). Duramax Programmer uses battery power to reprogram the PCM. Turn off the engine.
  • Install the supplied cable into the Duramax DurRaptor Programmer and tighten thumbscrews. Turn the ignition key to the "on" position, but do not start. Engine must not be running.
  • Install the Duramax Programmer DLC (Data Link Connector) into the DLC on the vehicle. This connector is located under the dash just side of the steering wheel. Once installed, do not disturb the connection, damage to the PCM could result!!!
  • Both lights on the Duramax Programmer will come on, and then the green light will begin to blink indicating that the unit is programming the PCM. After approximately 2 minutes the green light will stay on, this indicates that the programming was successful.
  • After green light stays on, turn off key and unplug Duramax Programmer then restart vehicle.
  • If the unit had problems, the red light will begin to blink out a trouble code. Record the trouble code and call your distributor with the code

The trouble codes are the number of times the red light blinks between pauses. Blink, Blink, Blink pause would be a 3. Trouble codes range from 1-7. Turn the ignition key off and wait 30 seconds prior to starting the vehicle. If the vehicle starts and then stalls, remove the negative battery cable for 1 minute and then restart the vehicle.


This is definitely a (DIY) do it yourself project that can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Click here for a back to Programmer.