ARB Air Lockers is a driver controlled differential lock dash mounted actuated push button positraction. In only one tenth of a second compressed air actuates a piston inside the differential that engages a locking gear, instantly locking the differential and directing drive torque to both wheels with maximum traction. The differential lock is a simply disengaged by, again, pushing the button. We offer this popular air lockers for the following vehicles AMC, Chrysler, Dana, Ford, General Motors, Hummer, Isuzu, Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Range Rover, Suzuki and Toyota.arbairlocker_large.jpg

Many types of traction devices have been available for years, but until the ARB all were a compromise, performing well either off the road or on the road, but not on both. The ARB positraction provides normal differential action on the highway, maintaining safe, predictable handling. Once off road or in bad weather, by simply pushing the buttons, the ARB locks the axles together providing 100% traction to both wheels allowing you to safely traverse even the most difficult terrain.

It has been said that differential locks are only for the hard-core off road applications, but this is certainly not true. Any four-wheel drive becomes a joy to drive fitted with ARB's, allowing you to tackle off road situations with confidence, at a much slower and safe pace. Without differential locks, when one wheel loses traction, all the driving torque transfers to the wheel leaving it spinning helplessly. With the ARB Air Locker activated you will simply drive out of these situations.  Save $300.00 see factory offer below:
free air compressor with purchase

Purchase an ARB air locker from between February 1 2010 and April 30 2001 and receive a free air compressor, purchase both front and back  positraction and receive both air compressor and pump up kit. 

 Mount your ring gear to this ARB air locker carrier. See typical installation layout  Front and Rear Air Locker Kits  
We have them ready to ship, these ARB manufactured lockers have a number of features and benefits, and they are: 
  • Driver controlled, push button actuation for 100% instant traction.
  • Up to 100% stronger than the stock differential in most cases
  • Air Locker does not have a higher wear rate or require more maintenance then a standard differential
  • Patented design has proven to be ultra reliable, and conclusively shown by an exhaustive Nissan durability test program.
    Air Locker does not have an adverse effect on tires, transmissions or handling in highway operation unlike automatic and limited slip differentials

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  • Air Locker is silent in operation unlike most automatic type locking differentials
  • When engaged the Air Locker will not allow one wheel on a drive axle to spin hopelessly while the other wheel remains motionless. Full power is transmitted to both wheels.

  ARB Mustange Drifting


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Part Number




Axle Spline Count

DTSRD60   AMC Model 20 4 Spider Gear 3.07 & up     29 spline
DTSRD93   Chrysler 8.25 inch 1997 & up all ratio's 29 spline
DTSRD112   Chrysler 8.25 inch   all ratio's 27 spline
DTSRD21   Dana 60 4.56 and up     30 Spline
DTSRD22   Dana 60 4.10 and down     30 Spline
DTSRD34   Dana 46 Brazil      
DTSRD35   Dana 60HD Full Float 4.56 and up 1975-1977   35 Spline
DTSRD36   Dana 60 Full Float 4.10 and down 1975-1977   35 Spline
DTSRD39   Dana 35, Non C-Clip 3.54 and up     27 Spline
DTSRD42   Dana 60 Semi Float 4.56 and up     35 Spline
DTSRD43   Dana 60 Semi Float 4.10 and down     35 Spline
DTSRD50   Dana 50 IFS HD 1980-1986   30 Spline
DTSRD53   Dana 70 HD 4.56 and up 1976 & up   35 spline
DTSRD54   Dana 70 HD 4.10 and down 1976 & up   35 spline
DTSRD65   Dana 70U STD 4.56 & up     35 spline
DTSRD66   Dana 70U STD 4.10 & down     35 spline
DTSRD80   Dana 80     35 spline
DTSRD91   Dana 80 1992 & up   37 spline
DTSRD95   Dana 60 FF 4.56 & up     32 spline
DTSRD96   Dana 60 FF 4.10 & down     32 spline
DTSRD97   Dana 70 FF 4.56 & up     32 spline
DTSRD98   Dana 70 FF 4.10 & down     32 spline
DTSRD100   Dana 30 3.73& up     27 spline
DTSRD101   Dana 30 3.54 & down     27 spline
DTSRD102   Dana 35 3.54 & up     27 spline
DTSRD103   Dana 35 3.31 & down     27 spline
DTSRD104   Dana 30 3.73 & up     30 spline
DTSRD105   Dana 35 3.54 & up     30 spline
DTSRD109   Dana 44 3.92 & up     35 Spline
DTSRD113   Dana 44 3.92 & up     33 spline
DTSRD115   Dana 70 4.56 & up     37 spline
DTSRD116   Dana 44 3.92 & up     30 spline
DTSRD117   Dana 44 3.73 & down     30 spline
DTSRD37   Ford 10.25 & 10.5" Sterling 1985 & up   35 Spline
DTSRD55B   Ford 9" 1976-1986   31 Spline
DTSRD81   Ford 8.8 " 1983 & up   31 spline
DTSRD82   Ford 8.8 "     28 spline
DTSRD119   Ford 9 "     31 spline
DTSRD99   Ford 9"     35 spline
DTSRD12   GM 12 Bolt 3.73 and up up to 1982 Rear 30 spline
DTSRD40   GM 14 Bolt 9.5" Semi Float 1982 - later Rear 33 spline
DTSRD51   GM 9.25/50 HD IFS Front 1989 & up Front 33 spline
DTSRD83   GM 10 Bolt 8.5"     28 spline
DTSRD84   GM 10 Bolt 8.5"     30 spline
DTSRD114   GM 14 Bolt 10.5 inch     30 spline
DTSRD47   Hummer 1983 - later Front and Rear 29 spline
DTSRD44   Isuzu Trooper / Amigo     26 spline
DTSRD85   Isuzu Trooper 98+   Rear 23 spline
DTSRD94   Isuzu IFS   Front 17 spline
Land Cruiser          
DTSRD02   Land Cruiser Full Float     30 spline
DTSRD08   Land Cruiser Semi-Float 8 7/8" C-Clip     30 spline
DTSRD32   Land Rover Salisbury 4.71     24 spline
DTSRD33   Land Cruiser 8 7/8", 50mm carrier bearing 1990 on, Rear 30 spline
DTSRD05   Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero     28 spline
DTSRD25   Mitsubishi V6 disc brake     28 spline
DTSRD46   Mitsubishi Montero large Differential Drum Brakes     28 spline
DTSRD110   Mitsubishi Front      


DTSRD04   Nissan Patrol     31 spline
DTSRD09   Nissan H233 B     31 spline
DTSRD17   Nissan Patrol H233     33 spline
DTSRD24   Nissan H233B (Drum Brake)     33 spline
DTSRD70   Nissan Patrol GZ/MQ H260 (Drum Brake)   Rear 37 spline
DTSRD78A   Nissan H233B   Front 31 spline
DTSRD107   Nissan R200 1.20" axle shaft diameter     29 spline
DTSRD106   Nissan C200     31 spline
Range Rover          
DTSRD03   Rover Banjo up to 1993   10 Spline
DTSRD20   Land Rover Salisbury 3.54 1983-1988   24 Spline
DTSRD56   Defender, 110, 130 1983-1998 Front 24 Spline
DTSRD57   Rover Traction Control Banjo , T/C 1998 & up   24 Spline
DTSRD74   Suzuki Sidekick/Vitara 10 bolt 1600 cc   Rear 26 splines
DTSRD75   Suzuki Sidekick/Vitara 10 bolt 1600 cc   Front 22 splines
DTSRD77   Suzuki   Front 22 splines
DTSRD79   Suzuki Sidekick/Vitara 12 bolt 1600 cc   Rear 26 splines
DTSRD87   Suzuki Jimmy   Front 22 splines
DTSRD88   Suzuki Sidekick/Vitar     26 spline
DTSRD23   Toyota V6 & 4 Cylinder Turbo Pickup 8", 50mm carrier bearing 1998 & up   30 spline
DTSRD64   Toyota Landcruiser 100 series FF 9.5" 1998 & up Rear 32 spline
DTSRD89   Toyota Tacoma 12 Bolt   Rear 30 spline
DTSRD90   Toyota 7.5" Dia R.G. 1.10" axle IFS 1996 & up Front 27 spline
DTSRD92   Toyota Landcruiser 100 series IFS 8", 50mm carrier bearing 1998 & up Front 30 spline





The ARB Air Compressor is an integral component of the Air Locker System. This high performance air compressor comes complete with plug in wiring loom, relay and pressure switch, and also features industrial grade control switches, air lines and fittings. The air compressor can be easily installed either under the hood or in the vehicle via the universal mounting bracket, an optional tire inflation kit is also available.


CKMA12 12 Volt Compressor $309.38

CKMA24 24 Volt Compressor $309.38

RDCP Portable 12 Volt Compressor Kit $380.90

PUKT Pump up Kit for RDCKA $ 57.17

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