Auburn Positractions Limited-Slip Differentials - How They Work



How  Does Auburn Positractions Limited-Slip Differentials  Work?

Need more traction, the highly efficient torque transfer capability of the Auburn Gear limited-slip differential is achieved  through the use of cone clutches coupled to beveled side gears. As torque is transmitted through the differential side gears to the axle shafts, the side gear separating forces and spring pre-load firmly seat the cones into the differential case. The cone design, along with the applied force, determines the torque transfer capability of the differential. When torque levels decrease, as in a cornering maneuver, the gear separating forces also decrease, allowing the axle shafts to rotate independently. All Auburn Gear limited-slip differentials are designed to provide the maximum amount of torque transfer without compromising the performance requirements of a vehicle in situations where torque transfer is not required.

No matter what your application - performance or passenger cars, light duty trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles, off road, or recreational vehicles - the Auburn Positraction limited-slip differential is engineered to provide smooth torque sensing operation with bias ratios to meet your performance need.

What's the difference? Gain That's the difference with Auburn Positraction

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Torque gain. Traction gain. Price-to-performance gain. Any way you slice it, Auburn's Limited Slip Differential gives you gain right where you want it .. on the road and in your wallet!

Check out these Auburn Positraction advantages:

  • More Torque to the High-Traction Wheel -- Even when loose wheel is ZERO!
  • Less Deflection under Load -- The stress is on the extra-large flange and the one-piece housing, not on the bolts.

You'll know high-performance when you feel it. That's what you want, and that's what we give you at a price that beats the competition flat!

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