218 mm chevrolet ring pinion

218 mm chevrolet ring pinion

What is my rear differential ratio?

Find GM or Chevrolet ring pinion sets and rear end parts

chevytrk_large.jpgInformation is presented to assist you in making the determination of what rear end you have in your vehicle.   General Motor rear end differentials are referred to by the diameter of the ring gear, i.e. 7.5 inch 8.5 inch, 10.5 inch.  Below find a table identifying the different rear end types you might have.  Using this table you will be able to locate the detailed information on replacement ring and pinions ratios that are available plus other differential parts, upgrades and parts for changing ratio's to improve your vehicle's performance.

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How does switching your rear end ratio help the driver or vehicle performance?

We specialize in matching your tires and axles with the desired differential ratio's, we have a wide variety of gear sets in stock and can recommend and select the best suited differential for your driving application. We will recommend the right gear ratio to match your engine horsepower, transmission specifications and tires chevylogo_large.jpgthat you may have selected. 

Thinking about changing tire size we can help, consult our Look up chart for determination of engine RPM, gear ratio verses selected tire size combination.


Larger tires on lifted truck suffer from loss of power, changing the ring gear and pinion to a lower ratio is the answer.  Changing rear end ratio can improve fuel mileage, reduce and extend engine life, and/or add additional power for your towing requirements.

Why you need a positraction?

Without positraction only one rear wheel receives the power.  In bad road conditions say, mud, ice or snow traction to one wheel is bound to get you stuck.  Installing a positraction provide power to both wheels at the same time, a significant improvement in traction. For positraction replacements and parts see the following link.  Positraction units are available for many General Motor FWD Front Wheel Drive models.

Find General Motors Rear End Parts and Accessories following links below, just locate your vehicle model and year select link in blue and see detailed list of parts that are available:

Differential Name/Description
GM 7.5" Rear End Parts & Accessories
 Model  Year
GM Passenger Car (Except H body Monza, Vega, Starfaire)


Camaro, Z28


Chevrolet S-10 & S-15


Pontiac Firebird & Trans Am


GM 8.2" (non-BPO) Rear End Parts & Accessories
Model Year
Chevrolet 65-70
Chevelle 64-72
Chevy II 64-70.5
Camaro 67-70
Nova 70-72
GM 8.5" 10 Bolt Rear End Parts & Accessories
Model Year Model


Chevrolet 70-76 Trans-AM


Chevelle 70-76 C10, K10 & K20 Front


Chevy II 70-75 Blazer Front


Camaro 70-81 C10, K10 & Blazer


GTO/Firebird 70-81 K1500 Front IFS 88 & Up
Olds F-85 70-76 K2500 Front IFS 88 & Up
Z-28 72-81  
 GM 8.875" 12 Bolt Car Rear End Parts & Accessories  
Model Year   Model


Chevrolet 65-72   Firebird



Chevy II 65-72   Nova


Chevelle 65-72   Olds F85


Camaro 67-72  

Model Year
G20, G25 64-82
G10, G15 64-81
K10, K15, C10, C15 64-82
GM 9.5" 14 Bolt Rear End Parts & Accessories
Model Year Model


C10, C15, C20 88-96 K30-K35


C30, C35 83-96 3/4 - 1 ton


K10, K15 88-96 3/4 - 1 ton Front IFS


K20, K25 81-96  
GM 10.5" Rear End Parts & Accessories
Model Year Model


3/4 Ton 1 Ton 73-92 K20, K25


G30, G35 73-96 K30, K35


C20, C25 73-96  


C30, C35 73-96  


GM 11.5" Rear End Parts & Accessories


C/K Truck


G Van, P-Truck


1 Ton All