Hyundai Rebuilt Manual Transmissions 

Each transmission assembled by experienced technicians, and tested on dyno-test stand prior leaving the factory.

Having problems with you Hyundai manual transmission, need a replacement?  We offer a complete line of both new and re manufactured factory built and dyno tested rear wheel Hyundai Manual Transmission Replacementdrive transmissions, domestic and foreign OE units also custom and after market conversion kits are available.  Give us a call toll free 800-216-1632 and let us help save you some money!

Units are available in 4 speed, and 5 speed to directly replace your existing manual transmission..We have factory built units to replace the following Hyundai transmissions models: KM302, KM162, KM206, KM208, KM 303 and KM200.  You supply our remanufactured manual transmission to your mechanic, get a better unit that is not rebuilt but remanufactured and dyno test before leaving the factory with a 12 month unlimited warranty. Saving you money in the long run!

Unlike many lower quality rebuilds, the re manufactured transmissions we offer have been thoroughly checked and nv1500front_large.jpgtested from the smallest piece to the completed unit. Low service expectancy parts are automatically replaced regardless of their condition. All other parts that do not have absolutely new potential service life are replaced with the highest quality parts available. Transmission improvements (upgrades) are performed to improve on the manufacturer's design. But these procedures alone will not guarantee you the highest quality transmission. It is the experience of the craft people with their knowledge, dedication and uncompromising desire to improve that makes our reman transmissions the standard of quality in the industry. These units have a 12-month warranty. Extended warranties are available.

So the next time you need a manual transmission remember - all transmissions are not the same - you can never make a bad decision by choosing the best. We also offer rebuild kits including bearings, gasket, seals and syncro rings, along with individual transmission hard parts if required.

Also offering front wheel drive transaxles, see detailed list.   Wondering what's a core?  

What oil or fluid is used in your manual transmission

Part #   Application / Description Speeds Year Price Core Charge

Hyundai Manual Transmissions


MTHYU101 KM302 Hyundai Accent 5 95-97 $950.00 $250.00
MTHYU102 KM162 / KM206 Hyundai Excel 5 87-95 $950.00 / $1050 New $250.00
MTHYU103 KM208 Hyundai Sonata 2.0L 5 89-97 $950.00 $250.00
MTHYU104 KM303 Hyundai Elantra 5 91-97 $1050.00 $250.00
MTMIT108 KM200 Excel Aluminum Rear Cover 4 89-Up $850.00 / $1000.00 New $250.00