Jeep Manual Transmissions, Factory Dyno Tested!


Each transmission assembled by experienced technicians, and tested on dyno-test stand prior leaving the factory.

Having problems with your Jeep manual transmission, need a replacement?  We offer a complete line of both new and re manufactured factory rebuilt and dyno tested rear wheel drive transmissions, domestic units and custom and after market conversion kits are available. Units are available in 3 speed, 4 speed and 5 speed to directly replace your existing manual transmission in Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Comanche, Wagoneer, CJ2, CJ3A, CJ5, CJ7, CJ8, Jeepster, Scrambler, Wrangler and Liberty.  We have factory built units to replace the following transmissions models: NV3550, T4, T-5,  AX5, AX4, AX15, SR4, T-14, T-15, T-18, T-86, T-90, T-150, T176, T178 and Peugeot BA10 units.

Some conversion upgrade kits available including the latest NV4500, T56 and Tremec units. We offer nv45004wd_large.jpgBorg Warner, Tremec, Mazda built, Ford built, Toyota built and General motors built manual transmission units as well as many others.

nv1500_large.jpgYou supply our remanufactured manual transmission to your mechanic, get a better unit that is not rebuilt but remanufactured and dyno test before leaving the factory with a 12 month unlimited warranty. Saving you money in the long run!

Unlike many lower quality rebuilds, the re manufactured transmissions we offer have been thoroughly checked and nv1500front_large.jpgtested from the smallest piece to the completed unit. Low service expectancy parts are automatically replaced regardless of their condition. All other parts that do not have absolutely new potential service life are replaced with the highest quality parts available. Transmission improvements (upgrades) are performed to improve on the manufacturer's design. But these procedures alone will not guarantee you the highest quality transmission. It is the experience of the craft people with their knowledge, dedication and uncompromising desire to improve that makes our reman transmissions the standard of quality in the industry. These units have a 12-month warranty. Extended warranties are available.

So the next time you need a manual transmission remember - all transmissions are not the same - you can never make a bad decision by choosing the best. We also offer rebuilding bearings, gasket and seal kits, along with individual transmission parts.


Large Supply of Manual Transmissions available checkout the following application guides: Transmission Parts & Rebuilding Components are available for Manual Transmissions

AMC Jeep Eagle Manual Transmissions


MTAJ001 AX4 Jeep Gas 4X2 4 84-87 $950.00 $250.00
MTAJ002 AX5 Jeep Gas 4X2 14 Spline 5 84-Up $1095.00 $250.00
MTAJ003 AX5 Jeep Gas 4X4 14 Spline 5 84-Up $1045.00 or $1200.00 New $250.00
MTAJ004 AX5 Jeep Diesel 4X2 14 Spline 5 84-87 $1150.00 $250.00
MTAJ005 AX5 Jeep Diesel 4X4 14 Spline 5 84-87 $1150.00 $250.00
MTAJ006 AX15 Jeep 4X2 With 4L 10 Spline 5 90-Up $1150.00 $250.00
MTAJ007 AX15 Jeep 4X4 With 4L 10 Spline 5 90-Up $1150.00 $250.00

Upgrade your AX15 4wd transmission to the Tremec 3550, this is the same 5 speed transmission that is standard in the new Jeep Liberty models. Use your existing clutch and drive shaft, your cost $1295.00, $250. core plus freight. These are new units with 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty user your existing bell housing. A bell housing. is available that will allow you to use external slave cylinder add $250.00.


Conversion kit shown here has a NP231 transfer case attached, transfer cases sold separately.

MTAJ008 SR4 Jeep 4X4 4 Spline 4 79-81 $900.00 $250.00
MTAJ009 T-14 Jeep 4X4 3 67-75 $950.00 $250.00
MTAJ010 T-15 Jeep V-8/S-6 4X4 3 67-79 $950.00 $250.00
MTAJ011 T-86 Jeep V-6/S-6 T86 4X4 3 60-68 $1050.00 $250.00
MTAJ012 T-90 Jeep 4X4 3 46-72 $950.00 $250.00
MTAJ013 T-18 Jeep 4X4 4 73-83 $1095.00 $250.00
MTAJ014 T-150 Jeep 4X4 3 75-79 $850.00 $250.00
MTAJ015 T-176 Jeep W/V-6 4X4 this unit ships without top cover and shifter add $250.00 if required. 4 80-86 $975.00 $250.00
MTAJ016 T-178 Jeep V-8 W/V-8 4X4 4 80-84 $1150.00 $250.00
MTAJ017 T4J Jeep 4X4 10 or 14 Spline Input 4 82-86 $900.00 $250.00
MTAJ018 T4J AMC 4X2 10 or 14 Spline Input 4 82-84 $900.00 $250.00
MTAJ019 T-5 Jeep 4X4 - 10 or 14 Spline Input 5 82-87 $1050.00 $250.00
MTAJ020 BA-10 Jeep Peugeot 4L 4X4 5 or 6 Bolt Holes 5 87-89 $1745.00 $250.00
MTAJ021 BA-10 Jeep Peugeot 4L 4X2 5 or 6 Bolt Holes 5 87-89 $1745.00 $250.00
MTAJ022 T10 AMC Jeep 4   Call $350.00
MTAJ023 NV3500 Jeep 6 cylinder 4x4 5 00-Up $1400.00 $350.00
MTAJ024 NV3500 Jeep 6 cylinder 4x2 5 00-Up $1400.00 $350.00
AX15 Conversion Kit to Upgrade Peugeot   5 Speed Peugeot BA10 transmission conversion package: includes remanufactured AX15, includes bell housing., shift stick, this unit will mate to your transfer case used on AX15, your cost $1645.00 plus $250.00 core charge plus freight ($100.00 refundable core charge). You can also add external slave cylinder extra $225.00  
NV 3550 Conversion Kit to Upgrade for Peugeot   4wd 5 Speed Peugeot BA10 transmission conversion package: includes new Tremec 3550 with bell housing., shift stick,, and input shaft for your transfer case, your cost $1590.00 plus $250.00 core charge plus freight refundable core charge. Not available for 2wd applications (no speedo).  
Conversion Kit T176 to NV4500   Remanufactured NV4500 5 Speed transmission conversion package includes adapter to T176 bell housing., new 10.5" clutch disk (use existing pressure plate), new cross member, bearing retainer to Dana 300 transfer case and shifter, your cost $2500.00 plus freight, no core required.  
Conversion Kit AX15 to NV4500   4.0 lt. 4 WD AX15 replacement kit includes Transmission, bell housing., slave cylinder T/O bearing and shifter. Your cost is $2445.00. plus $500.00 core deposit or which $250.00 will be refundable.