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  • Routine Maintenance

  • Improve Performance

  • Improve Safety

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    Reduce maintenance cost install Synthetic Fluids and service often!


Install an Overdrive unit behind existing transmission or transfer case and gain 20% more fuel economy!

Gear Service of Reno Sparks is an automotive drivetrain repair center, specializing in repair of problems under your vehicle. We have over thirty years of experience in the field at the same location. We are a family owned repair service center that you can trust. We will take the time to ensure that you have a complete understanding of our diagnosis of your vehicles problem and that you understand in detail the repair estimate. We guarantee our repairs, both parts and labor. We are easy to find see map.

For autos, light duty pick-up trucks, sports utility vehicles, motor homes and jeeps and off road vehicles we can improve performance, improve safety, improve economy, remove strange noises and vibrations. Routine and preventative maintenance can lower your overall cost of vehicle operation, repair wear problems before further more expensive damage is done, we provide service with excellence.


We offer same day service on most repair work.  No charge for our diagnostic specialties, test drives and estimates are always free.

The following products and service are available:

Differential and Rear End Specialistscusest.jpeg

  • Rear End/Differential New, Rebuilt and Serviced, Ratio Changes, Ring Gear & Pinion, Bearings
  • Positraction's Installed, Repaired, Rebuilt or Replaced
  • Overdrive Units installed improve fuel mileage by 20% and towing power
  • Automotive, Trucking
  • Off-Highway
  • High Performance
  • Custom Upgrades
  • Bearings replaced
  • Repair & Custom Modifications
  • Same day service

General Services:

  • Transmissions Automatic & Manual, serviced, re-manufactured units with 12 month warranty, or upgraded
  • Heavy Duty Clutches New not Rebuilt Excellent 12 month warranties
  • Axles and wheel bearings and seal installed.
  • Brakes Repaired & Serviced
  • Precision Tire Balancing to within 1/10 gram
  • Tires & Custom Wheels
  • Exhaust Systems modified and repaired
  • Transfer Cases New or Remanufactured (12 month warranty), Resealed, Overhaul Kits, Part Time Conversions
  • Horsepower, Torque and Fuel Mileage improvements for late model Ford, Chevy and Dodge Pickup Owners.
  • Front Drive Axle, New, Rebuilt & Exchange, Boots, CV Joints, Full Line Repair Parts
  • Drivetrain Oil Leaks repaired
  • Shock Absorbers, Ride Enhancement Products
  • Flywheel Re-Surfacing
  • emrkftax.jpeg

    Utility Sports Vehicle

  • Transmissions Manual or Automatics, Serviced or Replaced, Re-manufactured units available with 12 month warranty.
  • Differential Rear Ends Service, Gear Ratio's Changed
  • Exhaust Systems modified and repaired
  • Wheel Bearings, Wheel Seals Serviced and Replaced

    4 x 4 Off road

  • Original Equipment OEM & Custom Axles
  • Locking Hubs
  • ARB Locking Differential & Positraction units Installed and Serviced
  • Brakes Serviced and Replaced
  • Tires & Custom Wheels
  • Exhaust Systems modified and repairedzacpaul.jpeg
  • Wheel Bearings, Wheel Seals Serviced and Replaced
  • Custom Differentials, manufactured to your specifications

    RV's and Motor Homes

  • Over Drives, Serviced or Installed, improve economy, performance and engine life
  • Exhaust Brakes, Installed improve downhill towing and brake life
  • Brakes Serviced and Replaced
  • Tires & Custom Wheels
  • Exhaust Systems modified and repaired
  • Wheel bearings and seals replaced
  • Transmissions serviced, rebuilt or upgraded
  • Differential serviced, rebuilt or gear ratio's changed

Our heavy duty clutch kits are designed to be a replacement for the stock clutch. These clutches are new not re-manufactured. Precision machined to stricter tolerances. The kits include matched center plate with the latest lining improvements and center section designs, pressure plate and bearing allow for smoother break in.highperformanceclutch.gifThe center section spring dampening design will stand up to the increased horsepower of the late model trucks.

We also offer an Extreme Duty clutch kits for Ford, Dodge and Chevy diesel applications with increased horsepower. This clutch is designed to be used as an upgrade when using our higher HP kits and when towing heavy loads. This clutch is right at home in a high heat heavy load environment. In this performance range increased ratings are available easy 100 horsepower, our HD clutch it will not let you down.


Thinking about buying a used vehicle

Bring it in before your purchase and we will complete a 27 point drivetrain safety inspection identifying items that you may need to call to the attention of the seller, this service is only $60.00 and could save you a lot of money later!.corvet.jpeg

If we can't repair your vehicle we will recommend a reputable service center that can!

We can provide telephone estimates, however, the best way for you to get a realistic estimate is to call make and appointment, bring your vehicle in let a skilled technician test drive it or have a trained mechanic carefully diagnose the problem. With this information we can provide you a detailed repair estimate. In the unlikely event that once we are into your repair and find additional items that are marginal or need repair we will call you. You can choose to fix the new problem now or later. Our work is guaranteed, you can request all old parts, not a problem at our shop.

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Drivetrain Specialists & Auto Gear Service are divisions of: Drive Line Service of Reno Sparks, 3852 Pioneer Ave. Reno Sparks Nevada 702-876-3100 Fax 702-873-4534bldg1.gif

You can E-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it should you have any questions.

We are located between Spring Mountain and Desert Inn, open 5 days per week 8:00 am to 5:30 PM.

Appointments are helpful but walk-ins are encouraged! We also have a large inventory of drivetrain related parts for the do-it yourselves.

Map central location, easy to find and easy access. Auto Gear Service preferred by most trucking, construction and general automotive repair shop in Reno Sparks for differential and rear end ratio changes and service.