Landcruiser Series 45 & 47 Leaf Springs & Shocks

Fully integrated 4x4 Leaf Spring suspension systems for Landcruiser 45 /47 Series all Long Wheel Based (LWB) models improve your suspension!

Landcruiser 45 /47 Series all Long Wheel Based (LWB) Fully integrated 4x4 Leaf Spring suspension systems


Improve your suspension!

Basic Kit Your Cost $1249.89

Having problems with your Toyota Landcruiser's series 45 or 47 leaf spring suspension sagging, does the Toyota Landcruiser have handling problems and an uncomfortable ride these can be common concerns for vehicle owners with standard suspension. Our engineers have developed suspension systems that cater to your specific vehicle characteristics. OME does this via their renowned team of engineers, who design and test every element of the suspension system - a practice unique to OME.

By installing a fully integrated 4x4 suspension system, you can dramatically improve the safety and handling of your vehicle. These suspension parts are designed to replace the original factory springs, shocks, polyurethane bushings, steering stabilizer for some application Ubolts and shackles, greasable shackles & pins are available. Old Man Emu components are designed to use your existing mounts.

You purchase our EMU Nitrocharge Shock Absorbers and you get:

Giant 18mm Chromed Shaft — Indestructible for rugged off roading. Induction hardened then hard chromed to a superfine finish.
Nitrogen Gas — The gas pressure keeps the oil cohesive under all conditions.
Twin Tube Design — New 33% thicker outer tube insures that rocks do not damage internal operating components. This design also allows for a greater volume of oil which keeps the shock cooler.
35MM Seven Stage Compression Valve — Delivers all the subtleties of compression rates for the best ride and handling.
Check Valve Seal — The latest in seal technology, this shaft seal significantly improves gas retention while offering excellent longevity.
Glacier Bush — A Teflon coated rod guide bushing significantly reduces heat build up in the god guide area, developed for the Emu” off road racing program.
Giant 35mm Teflon Banded Piston — A new four stage coil sprung rebound valve system to control vehicle bounce.
Supplementary Welds — On all mounting eves and pins for maximum shock absorber mount strength.leafspring_large.jpg
Stoneguard — Protects oil seal and piston rod against stone and dirt damage.
Warranty — 2 year 25,000 mile warranty for material and workmanship.

You purchase our advance designed ARB Dakar Leaf Springs and you get:

  • Flat axle seat area — Lowers spring stress while retaining spring free camber height. Unique to most OME springs.
  • Anti Friction Inter Leaf Liners — Used where applicable to reduce friction between spring leaves giving better ride comfort and increase spring life.
  • Shot Peened — On the tension side of all leaves to double spring life.
  • Draw Tapered and Diamond Cut Leaves — For reduced interleaf friction and improved load distribution in the load bearing area.
  • Graphite Coated — For further reduced friction.
  • Military Wrapped — For extra safety (where installation permits).
  • Loose Clamped — For smoother and quiet operation.

You purchase our advance designed Urethane Bushings and you get:

Premium Grade — Not all bushings are the same EMU bushings are precision molded in captive molds to ensure exact tolerances for longer bushing life.
Unique EMU Design — Clever lip seal and shoulder design prevents dirt penetrating between bushing shoulder and shackle face.

With EMU's Steering Dampers Feature the following advance design you get:

Coil Sprung 9 Stage Valving — For optimum performance
35mm Piston and Bore — Grater oil volume giving better damper performance.
Twin Tube Design — Protects the internal components against stone damage.
Steel Stoneguard — Protects the piston rod against stone damage.
Foam Cell — Keeps the oil at the valving to prevent fade.
Original Mounts — All mounts are of similar design to original dampers for ease of INSTALLATION.
In addition to providing lifts our Suspension enhances ride quality, articulation and longevity. Package includes polyurethane bushings springs, greasable shackles & pins, gas shocks and steering stabilizer (sway bar extenders when applicable). Below you will find information and suspension products for Toyota Landcruiser leaf springs and shocks. For the front leaf springs and shocks are provided for both gas and diesel vehicles, in gas stock/light load with 1.5" of lift and gas heavy load with 1.25" of lift. For the rear leaf springs and shocks are provided for medium loads and heavy constant loads both provide 2" of lift.

Our ARB Dakar & Old Man Emu suspension systems include carefully matched spring and shock combinations engineered to improve vehicle ride quality, handling and control under various loads. We recommend you change both shock and springs at the same time. Special attention is given to improving suspension travel without adversely affecting driveline and steering geometry. In most cases, multiple spring rates and shock valving characteristics are available for each application to accommodate vehicle variations and driving preferences. Although ride height and tire size are taken into consideration with each system, the emphasis is placed on vehicle performance and versatility.

Below you will find detailed application information on both the front and rear suspension parts, springs, shocks and accessories components for your specific vehicle. You will note that springs and shocks are provided for different load rating, to support your specific application, allowing you the additional capability if you have changed the engine, installed a larger bumper or winch. If you haul heavier loads or you just want to replace the sagging OEM springs the ARB/Old Man Emu components are for you.
Suspension Kit Part Number DTS4547LC-1  
FRONT Gas Engine - Stock/Light Load (0-110lbs) 1.50" lift, REAR Heavy Constant Load (880lbs to GVM) 2.0"
      Kit includes
Selling Price
FRONT         $1249.89
Leaf Spring DTSARBCS001F  




Shock N81









Leaf Spring DTSARBCS201  




Shock N42  





Shipping weight 176#

Individual Leaf Springs Light Duty Approx. Lift Part No.

Price Each

Weight Each

FRONT Spring Spring Rate N/mm 61.3 1.5" DTSARBCS001F


REAR Spring Spring Rate N/mm 90 2.0" DTSARBCS201





Spring Bushing Kit (Pre '80) 35mm spring eye, 15mm shackle pin See figure OMESB30 (2)

$29.09 each


Spring Bushing Kit (Post 80) 35mm spring eye, 18mm shackle pin See figure OMESB1 (2)

$28.66 each


Spring Bushing Kit (Post 80) 35mm spring eye, 30mm hanger bracket See figure OMESB79 (2)

$28.48 each


U Bolts   OMEU59A

$15.13 each


U Bolts (Early)   OMEU59B

$15.13 each


U Bolt (Late)   OMEU59B

$15.13 each


U Bole (Late)   OMEU55

$15.78 each


Anti Inversion Kit   FK08

$15.68 each


Steering Damper   OMESD23

$96.14 each





Front Greasable Shackle Kit (Pre '80)   OMEGS8

$143.77 each


Front Greasable Shackle Kit (Post '80)   OMEGS1

$143.28 each


Rear Greasable Shackle Kit (Pre '80)   OMEGS9

$148.39 each


Rear Greasable Shackle Kit Post '80)   OMEGS2

$125.63 each


Greasable Pin Kit (Pre '80)   OMEGP8

$79.98 each


Greasable Pin Kit (Post '80)   OMEGP1

$79.80 each


Front Extra Leaf   13XL (4)

$33.50 each


Rear Extra Leaf   201XL (4)

$44.70 each


Rear Trim Spacer   TP02

$10.53 each


(1) Remove 3rd leaf from OME201 spring stack to reduce spring rate for medium duty application.
(2) OMESB30 suits 35mm spring eye and hanger bracket with 15mm shackle pin hole. OMESB1 suits 35mm spring eye and hanger bracket with 18mm shackle pin hole. OMESb79 suits 35mm spring eye with 30mm hanger bracket with 18mm shackle pin hole.
(3) FK08 Anti Inversion Kit is mandatory fitment front and rear if greasable shackles are not fitted.
(4) Extra Leaf can be fitted for heavier constant load carrying ability. IMPORTANT: Install leaf springs with military wrap at the fixed end.

*Shock -- First part number gives firmer ride for: FRONT - Increased axle weight eg: diesel, bullbar, winch, REAR - Regular load carriers and those who prefer a positive feel.

Diagram 4

















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