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Here we offer some unique tools to make your job easier, the tools include 1" Machinist Dial Indicator with magnetic base, Digital Caliper 6 inch , Magnetic Angle Finder and NV4500 5th gear nut wrench/socket. 

1" Travel Machinist's Gauge


Your Cost $48.98

plus S&H

Our dial indicator and magnetic base kit is essential to proper setup of the ring and pinion back lash measurement, when setting up you differential. Need instructions for setting up differential see our detailed instructions. Order your parts from drivetrain.com and get telephone technical support from experienced technicians.

Benefits of our Dial Indicator  
  • Dial indicator delivers precise readings to one-thousandth (.001) of and inch.
  • Dial indicator Meets or exceeds AGD and Federal specifications
  • Dial indicator Revolution counter hand
  • Dial indicator Lug back positions, 90 degree increments
  • Dial indicator Bezel adjustment 360 degree
  • Dial indicator Dial face: 0-100 and 0-50-0
Benefits of our Magnetic base kit   
  • Magnetic base with multi positions
  • Magnetic base fine adjustment capability
  • Magnetic base flexible joints 12 inch reach
Digital Caliper 6 inch, all stainless frame with precision ground jaws.  Use this tool in differential setup as well as measurement of Shims.  Your cost $19.50 plus S&H.  
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Angle Finder Magnetic, Use this tool to set differential angles as well as checking driveline angles.  Your Cost $12.89 plus S&H.    
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Here is all you’ll need to handle the two different-size spanner nuts you’ll find
when servicing the NV4500.  As usual, we have not compromised a thing; you can tell
the first time you pick it up!   Weighing in at about 24oz, our heavy-duty dual spanner
wrench arrives ready and able.

Design includes a provision for a ½” drive breaker-bar for removal and a torque wrench to install. 
We then devised a unique socket for GM’s 4X4 app: 

Many use a vibration dampener that will not allow the wrench to access the nut. With
the torque specs this high it absolutely must be burly to stand up to repeated use.

The 4-notch design spreads out the load while maintaining stability. Milled from
super toughsteel, this will be in your tool box for many years! 

The T-4500 is designed with “pass-through” capability. Why “pass-through” capability,
you ask?   As an intended bonus,  the hollow socket allows clearance for the output
shaft enabling this combo to handle the 2wd & 4wd Allison 1000/2000 series!


NV4500 5TH Gear Nut Remover/Installer

Dodge/GM 5-speed cast iron ‘91-up

t4500_wrench.jpg Your cost $214.72

t4500_wrench_sm.jpgMany GM 4X4’s use a vibration dampener, (mainly diesels) requiring the use of a hollow socket to reach in to access the nut.  

For the do it yourself (DIY) we offer a technical support to assist you it getting the job done right.

Purchase your parts from drivetrain.com and you get access to our skilled technicians should you need assistance with your installation project.