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  • Drive Line Disconnect
  • Lube Pumps
    Detailed Application Guide GEO & Tracker models

    suzukilogo_large.jpg Need products or information on towing GEO or Suzuki's?  These high quality products are manufactured for us by Remco. With these products RV’ers can tow their vehicles behind your motor homes with all four wheels on the ground—worry free. For GEO & Suzuki Tracker we offer towing products for 3 different models including Suzuki Tracker, Metro and Prizm. These items will assist you in easy hook up of the towed vehicle to your motor home. Our driveline disconnect and axle lock to different mechanical disconnects will disengage the automatic transmission while under tow. For front wheel vehicles we provide the lub pump, this unit circulates the transmission fluid through the radiator cooling system to prevent damage to your automatic transmission.

Drive line Disconnects Prevents transmission damage from occurring by disconnecting the rear differential from the transmission

With our Drive Shaft Coupling you now have a simple and convenient way to tow your rear-wheel disconnect_large.jpgdrive automatic transmission vehicles. No more having to have your car mechanically serviced to disconnect your drive shaft from the rear axle. There's no worry about damaging your transmission. To drive your vehicle, a simple push in on the control knob and you are ready to tow.

  • No transmission damage while towing.
  • No speedometer miles are accumulated while towing.
  • Shift to drive or tow in seconds.
  • Coupling made with heat treated alloy steel.
  • Precision cut gear teeth.
  • Lifetime sealed ball bearings.
  • Fits most rear wheel drive cars, vans or pickups.
  • Exchange plan available for transfer to a second car.
  • Over 150,000 units on the road in 25 years.
  • Complete step-by-step installation instructions. Easy installation by a garage or a weekend mechanic.
  • One year limited warranty.

    For some applications and limited front wheel drive applications drive shaft couplings are not available. A limited selection of front axle disconnects are available and in most cases Lub-pump's are available. Our recommendation is first the drive shaft disconnect, as it is all mechanical, second choice is the axle lock but applications. Third choice is the Lub-pump as it involves both mechanical and electrical systems and components.

    Lub Pump Prevents transmission damage from occurring on your front-wheel drive vehicle

    When your vehicle with an automatic transmission is driven, the transmission is lubricated by an engine-driven transmission fluid pump. When the vehicle is towed, this engine-driven pump does lubpump_large.jpgnot operate. Another means of lubrication is needed. Our Lube Pump was developed to provide a reliable lubrication system for the transmission while it is being towed. To tow your vehicle, connect the cable and turn on the switch on the monitor in the motor home and you are ready to tow.

    • 1/8 HP self-priming diaphragm pump insures high volume lubrication.
    • Full volume selector valve directs oil for driving or towing.
    • Electronic monitor on motor home dashboard safeguards the transmission.
    • Easily transferred to any other approved vehicle.
    • One coiled electrical cable between the motor home and car provides all the circuits for the pump, monitor, and towed vehicle tail lights.
    • All wiring and fluid connections for car and motor home included.
    • Each make/model transmission tested for 20,000 miles before approved.
    • Easy installation by garage or weekend mechanic. Complete step-by-step installation instructions provided.

    The Lube Pump is conveniently located under the engine hood, draws transmission fluid from the pan then pumps to the selector valve. This valve directs the fluid through the radiator cooler then into the lubrication system. The Lube Pump is powered from the motorhome's battery and fed into a small electronic monitor. The electronic monitor mounted near the motorhome driver, has a green light and a red light with an audible alarm

    One year/10,000 miles limited warranty (warranty not applicable on transmissions with over 40,000 miles).

  • Driveline disconnect kit includes new drive line with disconnect built in and high speed balanced. Shift bracket that you mount to your differentialgbyedolly_large.jpg housing and a cable that gets run up under the front seat. Installation time varies by vehicle ranging from 3 to 4 hours typically.

    Lube Pump Kit includes coiled electrical cable between the motorhome and car provides all the circuits for the pump, monitor and vehicle tail lights. For added convenience, beside the pump, hoses and fittings the kit included a tail light diverter. Packet diverters automatically switch the car's tail light system to towing each time you hook up.

    See the installation Instructions before you purchase


This is an abbreviated list and other parts are available. If you need something that is not listed just let us know.

  Year Engine Trans. Drive f/r/fwd/awd Tube Length Length A to B Disconnect Part Number Parts to Fabricate Price


Note for the Tracker Suzuki we supply the parts to fabricate a driveline with a disconnect installed, you will need to have your local driveline shop complete the fabrication, high speed balancing and installation.    
GEO Year Trans model#   Lube Pump Part Number Lube Pump Price        


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