Free Hook-uP Instructions for Demco Tow Bars

Free Hook-uP Instructions for Demco Tow Bars


1) Slide square tube end of Excali-bar or Aluminator directly into receiver Hitch. No Ball & Coupler. hitch1.jpegThe Excali-bar or Aluminator attaches directly into the receiver. Receiver locks can be used for security, the arms are self supporting and will not drop to the ground. The Flex-joint enables all-directional movement for fast, easy hook-up to the towed vehicle.

2) Attach arms to base plate. Fast, easy hook-up. Tow bar arms slide easily to adjust length. Just two pins are required to attach the tow bar to the baseplate of the towed vehicle.hitch2.jpeg

3) Connect coiled safety cables and electrical cables. Coiled safety cables are standard equipment with the Aluminator. Connect electrical cables (Optional)hitch3.jpeg

4) Pull forward. The Excali-bar or Aluminator self-aligns and locks into it proper extended position.

hitch4.jpegYour vehicle is now ready to tow safely.

To disconnect
. Use "The Wrench" (included) to release the locked position of thehitch5.jpegarms. Pull the pins that connect the arms to the baseplate and disconnect the coiled safety cables and electrical connecting cable.

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