BW4405 Transfer Case Rebuild Kits and Parts

Are you having problems with your BW4405 transfer case and need a rebuild kit or replacement parts?  We offer the highest quality professional rebuilt transfer case BW4405 Transfer Case Partsparts and rebuild parts kits that are designed to be top of the line overhaul kits. The Borg Warner BW4405 is a chain drive electric shift transfer case. The Borg Warner model 4405 part time transfer case was utilized by Ford Motor Company in 1995 to 1999 in the Explorer.  Transfer case save is available.  Give us a call toll free 800-216-163 and let us help save you some money, ask about our good take out parts (used).

A cross reference table is provided below to aid you in identification of your transfer case. Check tag located on rear of unit for model number. An illustrated drawing is provide below to assist you in parts identification, ordering and assembly. Back to transfer case parts availability page.   A detailed parts illustration drawing is available, sometimes we can supply good used take out parts to save you money.  Don't see what you need just give us a call toll free 800-216-1632.  If you decide to replace your BW 4405 transfer case with a remaufactued unit with a 12 month unlimited milage warranty see our complete list of transfer cases for  Ford vehicles. All rebuilt transfer case get new seals, bearings, chains, fork pad, encoder motors and viscous couplers.  All shafts, slider, hubs and planets are inspect to ensure proper factory tolerances are maintained. All units are tested at the factory prior to shipment.

 Transfer Case BW4405 Products

Borg-Warner 4405
Part-Time Transfer Case Electric Shift
1995-99 Explorer Recommended fluid for BW4405 -- ATF






DTS-BK4405 Rebuilder Kit - Bearings, Gaskets and Seals  



DTS-TRSTSK4405 Overhaul Kit - Gaskets, O' Rings and Seals  



201207F Adapter to Transfer Case Gasket  



DTSTC4405C Case Saver     $51.94
TRS-345760-1 Front Case Half Call check on good take out part to save you money



TRS-345760-2 Rear Case Half Call check on good take out part to save you money



TRS-345849 Range Fork  



TRS-315645A Range Slider      $72.54
TRS-345500 Pump Assembly  



TRS-345670A Input Shaft  



Front Output shaft Seal  



201042 Rear Output shaft Seal  



TRS-345550AK Clutch Housing Assembly (includes housing, clutches and steels     $279.49
ALT625003 Clutch Pack      $198.48
ALT138730 Friction, Internal 19 spline (5 per clutch pack)  



ALT138731 Friction, External 31 spline (6 per clutch pack)  



TRS-345997 Speedo Gear 7 tooth  



TRS-345420 Shift Encoder Motor New with 16 prongs & 7 wires Square 7 Male Connector    camra.jpg  $199.91
TRS-345839 Magnet      $140.18
ALT-4400-712-001 Magnet/Clutch Housing      Call
TRS-345626 Electric Shift Cam      $43.19
TRS-334206K Rear Case Shim Kit  



TRS-345806A Driven Sprocket, early      $47.91
ALT-4405-144-008 Driven Sprocket, late      Call
TRS-345805 Drive Sprocket, early      $92.18
ALT-4405-644-002 Drive Sprocket, late      Call
TRS-HV-070 Drive Chain  2 Blue Links & ET Guides 74 Pins, 7/16" Pitch, Rocker Pin 1.25" Wide - 37 Links



TRS-HV-051 Drive Chain 1 Blue Link 74 Pins, 7/16" Pitch, Rocker Pins 1.25" Wide - 37 Links




Illustration click illustration to enlarge.
 Encorder Motor
bw4405 encoder motor
Transfer Case Saver

 Case Saver & Protector BW4405 Ranger/Explorer

Save your money and hassle by installing our DTSTC4405C case saver.  If you needs require

case-half replacement, using this will prevent the problem from ever occuring.

Use requires slight modification to the pump tab by grinding approximately .050" from the tip.

Sall investment of time results in a permanent repair!