Daihatsu Automatic Transmissions

Daihatsu  Automatic Transmissions

Remanufactured Dyno Tested

 M17 or AW60-40LE Models

Factory Remanufactured

3 year 100,000 mile warranty or 5 year unlimited warranty available! 



These Daihatsu automatic transmissions are factory remanufactured and Dyno tested to ensure the highest quality and deliver long lasting performance. Three different warrantys are avialable; 1 year, 3 year 100,000 mile and 5 year un-limited mileage warranty is available and delivered with each unit. Just let us know whcih warranty program you are choosing.  We can provide hydraulic and electronic controlled automatic transmissions 2 different Daihatsu models including Charade and Rocky.   We can also supply automatic transmission overhaul kits and hard parts for your Daihatsu car or SUV just give us a call. 

transreassembly.jpgTrained Experienced and Certifited transmission assembliers put together each unit.






Easy Order Process

1. Select your Daihatsu Model from the following list.

Charade    Rocky 
2. Locate Model year
 3. Call toll free 1800-216-1632, please provide all numbers off your existing transmission to ensure we provide a direct drop in replacement.

Unlike many lower quality rebuilt's the automatic remanufactured transmissions we offer have been thoroughly checked and tested from the smallest piece to the completed unit. Low service expectancy parts are automatically replaced regardless of their condition. All other parts that do not have absolutely new potential service life are replaced with the highest quality parts available.

Transmission improvements (upgrades) are performed to improve on the original design. But these procedures autotransstock.jpgalone will not guarantee you the highest quality transmission. It is the experience of the craftspeople with their knowledge, dedication and uncompromising desire to improve that makes our reman transmissions the standard of quality in the industry.

So the next time you need a Daihatsu transmission weather it be a M17 or AW60-40LE remember - all transmissions are not the same - you can never make a bad decision by choosing the best. At time of the order please provide the vehicle VIN number and numbers off transmission if possible. The following table presents popular examples of remanufactured automatic transmissions we offer for Daihatsu. These factory remanufactured transmissions include a torque converter, each unit is dyno tested prior to being packaged for shipment.

Our remanufactured transmission assemblies are offer with three different warranty programs, 1 year, 3 year 100,000 mile and 5 year un-limited mileage, excellent availability, quality and value for your money. They are the only remanufactured transmissions designed, engineered and recommended by Drivetrain.com. They’re manufactured with the same state-of-the-art testing methods and equipment used in building and testing new transmissions.

Torque Converter  shipped with every transmission

Use the same parts as professional mechanics & get professional results!

The correct parts at the right price the first time.

Need help identifying what automatic transmission you have see reference chart.


Every transmission is dynamometer tested for:

  • Hydraulic pressure
  • Proper shift points
  • Converter stall speed
  • Converter lock-up points
  • Oil flow and pressure 

New Parts include:
* Gaskets
* Seals
* Solenoids & Clutch Frictions and Steels

  Torque Converter High Speed Balancing


  • Our remanufacturing process incorporates the latest product modifications and technology, including latest compliance components
  • The right OE parts are included to help ensure quality performance; the right assembly for the vehicle, not just any assembly
  • Q1 and QS 9000 certified suppliers
  • Standardized build levels with stringent specifications
  • Only highest quality core used — all are thoroughly inspected to meet specifications
  • OE replacement parts provide when available

The following table presents popular examples of remanufactured automatic transmissions we offer for Daihatsu vehicles: If you need something that is not listed just let us know.

  Years Speed FWD RWD 4WD AWD Transmission Model Core Deposit 1 Year 12,000 Mile Warranty 3 Year 100,000 Mile Warranty 5 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty Non Commercial
Your Cost
Your Cost
Your Cost
CHARADE 88-92 3 F MX17
CHARADE 93 UP 4 F AW 60-40LE
ROCKY 89-92 3 F MX17
Be sure to use or have your mechanic use our transmission cooling line flush in order to remove debris. Your cost is $11.88 per can, 2 cans suggested order Kooler Kleen. Debris has collected in the cooling lines and the reservoir under the radiator and must be removed before installing the new transmission.    


Auxiliary Transmission Oil Cooler.

We can provide the Truco auxiliary transmission oil cooler for your vehicle it is an excellent auxiliary oil cooler that provides additional cooling capacity. The kit includes all parts required to mount the unit and connect to existing cooling lines. This is a typical do it yourself project. The unit typically mounts in front of the radiator. Your cost on this transmission life saving product varies by vehicle model and typically start at $54.94 plus shipping and handling. 

Need Help or have Technical Questions

We offer a series of transmission manuals to assist you these typical manual includes troubleshooting information as well as tear down details and assembly instructions. Valuable information such as road test procedures, diagnostic information, oil pressure and range reference charts, wiring and hydraulic diagrams, checkball and thrust washer locations, torque and end play specifications, electronic controls and operations, special tools and updates. These manuals cost $38.97 plus S&H, these manuals can help you answer a lot of questions.


Note: Core for Core no junkyard transmission accepted, core returned must be from your vehicle, you pay return core freight.