What Automatic Transmission do I have in my Fiat?

Automatic Transmission Imports Cross- Reference Guide

What Automatic Transmission do I have in my Fiat?need fiat automatic parts

Wondering what automatic transmission you have? Select vehicle model from the following table then select mode year of your vehicle, this table should provide the model/type of transmission in your vehicle. With model number give us a call toll free 800-216-1632 we can help you save some money!   Replacement automatics transmissions are also available.

Provide the parts to your mechanic and save money! Prior to ordering parts check for identification tag on transmission to ensure that you have properly identified your unit, this tag is typically located on the drivers side of the transmission above the pan.

124   1971-1974     3L30(TH180)
131   1975-1981     3L30(TH180)
Brava, Spider 2000, 124 (70-74) 131 Mirafiori   1973-1982     TH180
Fiat 2300 Series   1966-1971     BW35
Strada, X 1/9, 128, Regata   1979 - Up     VW101