Dodge Pickup Truck Performance Products


Add 120 horsepower, and improve mileage by 6 MPG.


laptopqualityparts.jpg Gear Vendor overdrives will improve your pickups pulling power extend engine life and improve economy 22% overdrive 20% more fuel economy. Products that improve and boost the fuel system performance include the Cam Plate Kit for early Dodge Cummins models and the Edge Electronic programmers that make dramatic enhancement is the later model years effecting horsepower, torque and even fuel mileage. In addition to fuel system enhancements you can make another major performance boost by installing one of our Afe advance engineered air intake system in some case you can supply up to 250% more air, large exhaust systems are also available.

We offer transmission overhaul kits for both manual and automatic transmissions. We offer a variety of manual transmission upgrades for the 5-speed getrag to the NV4500 and even the six speeds NV5600. In addition to the remanufactured transmissions we offer a complete line of Dodge remanufactured transfer cases both products have a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty. Upgraded clutch kits and high performance clutch kits support your horsepower needs.

The ATS three piece redesigned manifold for the Dodge Cummins application with its pulse exhaust flow design is available to replace the early design high failure rate single piece design. We can provide air suspension to improve the ride of your vehicle as well as the latest performance programmers to improve the capability of your vehicle; driveline repairs and upgrades are available as well as differential axle ratio changes to meet your specific performance demands. We can provide replacement or upgrade positraction units, no need to get stuck again.

Air Lift air springs allow you to adjust your load height, D-Celerator brakes provide stopping power with warping your rotors. Differential and larger automatic transmission pans allow you to install more fluid allowing the unit to run at reduced temperatures saving component life.

See the following selection of individual products that we offer for the Dodge pickup line, products designed to improve performance and save you money.

Gear Vendor overdrives will improve your 3/4 and 1 ton dually pickups pulling power extend engine life and improve economy. We offer the new improved under/overdrive unit manufactured by Gear Vendor.

Most truck owners share the same performance problems. Sluggish performance on hills, poor passing power and depressing gas mileage. A Gear Vendors auxiliary transmission can change all that by providing your pickup with up to twice the number of forward gears at the press of a button. Gear Splitting just like the big commercial trucks.

20% More Fuel Ecomomy


Our Cam-Plate Kit is an ideal solution for additional engine performance on 1994 to 1998 Cummins 12 valve engines. You can expect an additional 110 horsepower, 220 additional foot pounds of torque and an additional 2 to 3 MPG in fuel economy. The installation time for this modification is 25 minutes. $275.00 plus S&H.

Put fire and economy into your Dodge Ram Cummins, our custom designed power circuit "EZRaptor" is specifically programmed to enhance your vehicles performance; 40-70 additional horsepower, 220 foot pounds of torque and between 2 and 6 miles per gallon. Now available for 1998-2004 pickup trucks with the 24 valve

Cummins engine, our new EZRaptorCompetition Module offer: 40-120 horsepower, 350 foot pounds of torque. Circuit externally installed on existing sockets, between MAP sensor and Diagnostic Port, 5 minute installation!


   Cam Plate



     EZ Raptor 


  • Improves Economy
  • Increases Horsepower
  • Additional Hill climbing Capability
  • Improves Acceleration


For series 3500 pickup trucks between 1990, 1991 and later models with G360 Gertag transmission. This NV4500 nv4500transmission_large.jpgtransmission offers heavy duty performance with stronger gears, case and improved bearings. If your G360 transmission is only good for between 60,000 and 70,000 miles as reported by some, these New Venture units are for you. The 5 speed unit is available for both 2WD and 4WD models and has a 12 month, warranty.

NV4500 replacement parts and updated parts including mainshafts. 



NV5600 6 Speed Repair Parts  


NV5600 6 Speed Remanufactured replacement units with 12 month warranty.

REPLACEMENT HOSE KIT 2003 & later kits will be available June 1, 2006

High quality silicone hoses for the 1994-2002 Dodge Cummins pickups these kits included silicone hoses and installation hardware to complete the installation.

Turbo hoses are all 4 ply and very flexible for easy installation. More importantly kits come with eight new spring loaded stainless steel clamps. These are the heavy duty versions with channel at the bridge to prevent blowing a hose (A common problem when running higher boost).Cooling system hoses are of a quality consistent with big rig trucks. Kits include upper and lower radiator hoses, as well as all the 5/8" heater and transmission cooler hoses for the automatics. The 1/4" bypass hose for the 12 valve engines is also provided.





Advanced Flow Engineering (aFe) has developed a new high flow air filter for the Dodge/Cummins turbo pickup trucks. This air induction system for 2002 will improve flow by 250%, adding up to 24 additional horsepower!


2002 get 24 More HorsePower

2003 get 15 More HorsePower

Remanufactured Transfer Case Assemblies

Unlike many lower quality rebuilds, the re-manufactured Transfer Case Assemblies we offer have been thoroughly tested from the smallest piece to the completed unit. Low service expectancy parts are automatically replaced regardless of their condition. All other parts that do not have absolutely new potential service life are replaced with the highest quality parts available. Improvements (upgrades) are performed to improve on the manufacturer's design when possible. 12 month unlimited miles warranty in 12 months.


Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

Increase towing power 15 to 18 more horsepower and improved mileage on your Dodge Ram Diesel Pick Up with our new 4" Exhaust System. and 4" Down Pipe Kit exhaust improves launching and pulling performance. Reduces turbo lag and helps to cool your engine down, Our 4" exhaust system is a must-have if you would like to get increased fuel economy, performance and durability.


15 to 18 More HorsePower

Exhaust Manifold 3 piece and new 2 piece for 2003 now available!

The ATS three piece pulse manifold for the Dodge Cummins application with its pulse exhaust flow design, increases exhaust gas efficiency helping to spool up the turbocharger sooner with less exhaust back-pressure. Replace leaking single piece design.




Alloy Chrome or Polished Aluminum Wheels

These top of the line American Eagle alloy wheels are quality manufactured using both state of the art machining, finishing and plating. These aftermarket wheels are designed to enhance your vehicle appearance by complementing the tire and body style you have selected. Weather you interest is street image, custom, show, racing, off road or street we have a wheel to meet your requirements. Pickup Wheels Dually Wheels for your application please call for availability.


Automatic Transmissions, Factory Remanufactured 3 year warranty

These automatic transmissions and manual front wheel drive transaxles and rear wheel drive automatics both 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive units are remanufactured in Chrysler's factory to ensure the highest quality and deliver long lasting performance. A 3 year 36,000 mile Chrysler warranty is delivered with each unit, any Chrysler dealer in the US backs this warranty. We can provide hydraulic and electronic controlled automatic transmissions .





Air Bag Suspension Systems

Air Lift air springs allow you to adjust air pressure to compensate for your load condition. This ensures that your load is balanced and level for better comfort and control. When your load increases, you just add's that simple.

Air Lift Air springs will provide smoother control of your pickup, auto, van, or RV. Handling problems caused by heavy or uneven loads can be quickly corrected by merely adding or subtracting air and can be controlled right at your dashboard. You now have a level, safer vehicle.
Exhaust Brake

If horses had knuckles.. they'd be white. If you have a diesel and are pulling heavy loads like horse trailers or 5th wheels your vehicle may not have adequate brakes. It makes a lot of sense to add some safety to your program of down hill towing.

The D-Celerator does just that, working with the vehicles foundation brakes it truly can relieve much of the tension associated with down hill towing. The D-Celerator is available for most popular diesel vehicles.
Active Suspension

These active suspension kits by Roadmaster are designed to vastly improve road handling and load carrying ability, with or without a load, when fitted with the rear leaf springs. They also improve vehicle safety. Reduces axle wrap and wheel hop. Saves money by minimizing wear on tires, shocks, shackles and leaf springs.
Positraction Units

Tired of getting stuck with only one wheel trying to do all the work, we offer a wide variety of positraction units. Units are available in limited slip and solid locking configurations. The new no-slip by Powertrax is designed specifically for late model SUV's and pickup trucks, this unit incorporates the benefits of a limited slip locker without the noise of the solid locking units.

We specialize in optimizing your vehicles application requirements, i.e. cruising, towing or just every day driver including your selected tire size by matching your rear end gear ratio to your specific application. You can drop 600 RPM off you engine, saving engine life and fuel, a great idea if you cruise the concrete all the time. We have a wide variety of gear sets in stock and can recommend and select the best suited differential combination for your driving routine. We will recommend the right gear ratio to match your engine horsepower, transmission specifications.
High Performance Clutch

We highly recommend this high performance clutch kit, this kit is specifically designed for use with the Cummins Diesel engine. This unit is manufactured by Rhino and comes with through-out bearing and alignment tool. We have the lining changed to a higher quality lining which decreases the chattering that is present with many of the OE clutch unit provided by Dodge. See write up in Good Sam Magazine August 2000 issue.


Having driveline problems, you can find answers to some of your questions in our technical diagnostic section on drive shaft related problems that includes the following major topics:

  • Angle Problems
  • Field Problems
  • Troubleshooting

We offer full service driveshaft repairs, including high speed balancing to remove all vibrations. Remove your shaft and ship it to us by UPS we will provide you an estimate to repair and return it to you the next day!

Differential Covers & Transmission Pans

We offer quality differential covers by Mag-Hytec, as you know heat can kill, it can cause deterioration of fluids and components. With the new differential covers, you can almost double the fluid capacity, you will find that the fluid will run 15 to 20 degrees cooler. Cast in A356T6 aluminum, Mag-Hytec covers feature increased lubricant and cooling capacity, and are equipped with a magnetic drain plug, 1/8 NPT temperature sender fitting, lube reference plug, and a magnetic dipstick.  Transmission pans are also available for Automatica, more fluid equal cooler running longer life tranmissions.
Heavy Duty Clutch Kits

Our heavy duty clutch kits are designed to be a replacement for the stock clutch. These clutches are new not re-manufactured. Precision machined to stricter tolerances. Matched center plate, pressure plate and bearing allow for smoother break in.

We also offer an Extreme Duty clutch kit. This clutch is designed to be used as an upgrade when using our higher hp kits and when towing heavy loads. This Extreme Duty clutch can handle Torque increases up to 300 % over stock for some applications. The friction plate is constructed of heavy duty ceramic material on one side and Kevlar on the other. This clutch is right at home in a high heat heavy load environment. In this performance range you can expect a little clutch chatter, but it will not let you down.