Suzuki and GEO Replacement Soft Tops

Replacement Soft Tops  Suzuki & GEO

Quality, Value, Selection, Rugged Ridge has you covered!

laptopqualityparts.jpgNew for 2009, the Rugged Ridge Fabric Replacement Soft Top has veen developed out of years of industry research and engineering.  Our trainned staff of Suzuki & GEO experts have developed an entire program tha toffers the best value, selection and design of any Fabric Soft Top offering.   Each Fabric Soft Top is specifically designed to easily fit the factory original soft top hardwar.  Simply take off the old top and slip on the new.  It is just that easy!   All Rugged Ridge Soft Tops feature durable vinyl coated polyester and cotton fabric and crystal clear DOT approved glass windows that will last the test of time.  All sewn seams use marine grade thread to make sure it does not deteriorate or discolor in the sum.  Each seam is literally "welded shut" with durable heat seal tape to keep moisture out while keeping the original look of the top in tact. 

Attaching the rigged Ridge Top is easy with the factory original "belt rail"  attachment method:  simply turck under the rail and go!  All our tops feature two choices of door options as Suzuki & GEO offered the 1988-1998  with upper soft doors or with full hard doors  Rugged Ridge makes a replacement top that fits either!  The best materials are used in our soft top repleacements, feature durable vinyl coated polyester and cotton fabric with "welded shut" seams that use durable heat seat tape to keep moisture out!  These tops are real weather beaters and carry a 2 year limited warranty. 

ruggedridge_logo.jpgZip out Windows  Get that Safari look with the easily removable side and rear windows zipped out on the Suzuki & GEO models!  A handy Window Storage Bag to protec those window from damage is available.  Select your Suzuki & GEO model and year for the following application, read across for part number and you cost.

Model Year Part Number   Description Cost
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SUZUKI SAMURAI ALL YEARS OMX53721.15   Black DENIM, 30 Mil. Glass $251.59  53721.15_th.jpg
SUZUKI SAMURAI ALL YEARS OMX53721.52   WHITE DENIM, 30 Mil. Glass $269.19 53721.52_th.jpg
SUZUKI SIDEKICK/GEOEO TRACKER 1988-1994 OMX53722.15   Black DENIM, 30 Mil. Glass $269.19 53722.15_th.jpg
SUZUKI SIDEKICK/GEOEO TRACKER 1988-1994 OMX53722.52   WHITE DENIM, 30 Mil. Glass $269.19  53722.52_th.jpg
SUZUKI SIDEKICK/GEOEO TRACKER 1995-1998 OMX53723.15   Black DENIM, 30 Mil. Glass $360.71 53723.15_th.jpg
SUZUKI SIDEKICK/GEOEO TRACKER 1995-1998 OMX53723.52   WHITE DENIM, 30 Mil. Glass $360.71 53723.52_th.jpg
$25.00 minimum order.