Summer time is why you owna a jeep!  With the warm weather comes the open air driving we all love.  Our Rugged Ridge Summer Accessories make that open air driving more comfortable and stylish.  Each accessory is manufactured to exacting specifications using tough matching vinyl coated fabrics that will provide years of great looks and high performance.  When you demand the best our Rugged Ridge Products is what you need.
Summer Briefs   Custom designed for each body style, these easy on, easy off briefs provide protection form the hot sun and sudden showers.  Each Summer Brief attaches to the factory center hoop and windshield with heavy-duty nylon straps to prevent flapping.  Key rear strap attachments have quick release fasteners so once you stars are set, they easily detach and reattach.  Wrangler models also incorporate thick hook and loop side mounts to further secure the top.  All 1997 to 2008 models are designed to be used with a no-dril Windshield Header (sold separately. 




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  Other tops we offer are:

Jeep Replacement Soft Tops

Jeep Roll Bar Curtain Island Topper Roll Bar

Tops are also available for Suzuki and GEO Replacement Soft Tops  

Model Number Year Part Number   Description Your Cost  Select image to enlarge
M38A1&CJ5 1955-1975 OMX13570.01   SUMMER BRIEF, BLACK, $69.99 13570.01_th.jpg
CJ5 119976-83 OMX13571.01   SUMMER BRIEF, BLACK, $63.24 13571.01_th.jpg
CJ7 119976-86 OMX13572.01   SUMMER BRIEF, BLACK, $63.24  13572.01_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1987-1991 OMX13573.01   SUMMER BRIEF, BLACK, $60.46  13573.01_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1987-1991 OMX13573.09   SUMMER BRIEF, GRAY, $61.47 13573.09_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1987-1991 OMX13573.15   SUMMER BRIEF, BLACK DENIM, $61.97 13573.15_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1992-1995 OMX13574.09   SUMMER BRIEF, GRAY, $61.47 13574.09_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1992-1995 OMX13574.15   SUMMER BRIEF, BLACK DENIM, $61.47 13574.15_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1992-1995 OMX13574.37   SUMMER BRIEF, SPICE, $61.47 13574.37_th.jpg
2007-2009 OMX13587.35
WRANGLER 1992-1995 OMX13575.01   MESH SUMMER BRIEF $35.11 13575.01_th.jpg
WRANGLER,UNLIMITED 1997-2006 OMX13576.01   MESH HEADER SUMMER BRIEF, $36.87 13576.01_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1992-1995 OMX13577.01   MESH ROLL BAR TOP, $52.71 13577.01_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1997-2006 OMX13578.01   MESH HEADER ROLL BAR TOP, $52.48 13578.01_th.jpg
JK 2007-2009 OMX13579.01   ROLL BAR TOP MESH, 2-DOOR RUGGED RIDGE, $67.43  
JK 2007-2009 OMX13579.02   SUMMER BRIEF TOP MESH, RUGGED RIDGE, 2-DOOR $58.79  
JK 2007-2009 OMX13579.03   ROLL BAR TOP MESH, RUGGED RIDGE, 4-DOOR $86.34  
WRANGLER,UNLIMITED 1997-2006 OMX13580.15   HEADER SUMMER BRIEF, BLACK DENIM, $67.38 13580.15_th.jpg
WRANGLER,UNLIMITED 1997-2006 OMX13580.35   HEADER SUMMER BRIEF, DIAMOND BLACK, $67.38 13580.35_th.jpg
WRANGLER,UNLIMITED 1997-2006 OMX13580.36   HEADER SUMMER BRIEF, DIAMOND KHAKI, $67.38 13580.36_th.jpg
WRANGLER,UNLIMITED 1997-2006 OMX13580.37   HEADER SUMMER BRIEF, SPICE, $67.38  13580.37_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1997-2006 OMX13581.15   HEADER ROLL BAR TOP, BLACK DENIM, $94.62  13581.15_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1997-2006 OMX13581.35   HEADER ROLL BAR TOP, DIAMOND BLACK, $94.62 13581.35_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1997-2006 OMX13581.36   HEADER ROLL BAR TOP, DIAMOND KHAKI, $94.62 13586.36_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1997-2006 OMX13581.37   HEADER ROLL BAR TOP, SPICE, $94.62 13581.37_th.jpg
  1997-2006 OMX13582.15   ACOUSTIC ISLAND TOPPER, BLACK DENIM $193.02 13582.15_th.jpg
WRANGLER,UNLIMITED, 1997-2006 OMX13583.15   ACOUSTIC BRIEF HEADER MOUNT, DENIM BLACK $128.59 13583.15_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1992-1995 OMX13584.09   POCKET BRIEF, GRAY, $57.61 13584.09_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1992-1995 OMX13584.15   POCKET BRIEF, BLACK DENIM, $57.61 13584.15_th.jpg
WRANGLER 1992-1995 OMX13584.37   POCKET BRIEF, SPICE, $57.61 13584.37_th.jpg
WRANGLER/UNLIMITED 1997-2006 OMX13585.15   POCKET BRIEF, BLACK DENIM, (HEADER MOUNT) $88.62 13585.15_th.jpg
WRANGLER/UNLIMITED 1997-2006 OMX13585.35   POCKET BRIEF, DIAMOND BLACK, (HEADER MOUNT) $88.62 13585.35_th.jpg
WRANGLER/UNLIMITED 1997-2006 OMX13585.36   POCKET BRIEF, DIAMOND KHAKI, (HEADER MOUNT) $88.62 13585.36_th.jpg
WRANGLER/UNLIMITED 1997-2006 OMX13585.37   POCKET BRIEF, SPICE, (HEADER MOUNT) $88.62 13585.37_th.jpg  
$25.00 minimum order.

Jeep Trivia!

Ever wonder about or get confused by Jeep lingo? The following might help: 

Body Type   Year/Model
CJ5 Body   1954-1983 2 door open
CJ6 Body   1954-1974 2 door open
CJ7 Body   1976-1986 2 door open
CJ8 Body   1981-1985 Scrambler
YJ Body   1987-1995 2 door open Wrangler
TJ Body   1997-2000 2 door open Wrangler
C101 Body   1966-1974 Jeepster Commando
J or SJ Body   1964-1981 2 or 4 door open or 2 door pickup
XJ Body   1984 and later 2 or 4 door SUV Cherokee
MJ Body   1985-1991 2 door pickup Comanche
ZJ Body   1993 and later 4 door SUV Grand Cheroke